SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY Mia Alario breast augmentation before and after

mia alario southern hospitality

Mia Alario has wrapped on Southern Hospitality season two and has gotten a new set of breasts to celebrate. See her before and after here of what she calls her new “chocolate chips.”

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Southern Hospitality

Southern Hospitality is a Bravo realty television series that just wrapped on its second season. The show follows the young employees at nightclub Republic Garden & Lounge – run by Leva Bonaparte with her CEO Lea Aylor.

The cast of Southern Hospitality currently includes Maddi Reese, Joe Bradley, Will Kulp, Oisin O’Neill, Emmy Sharrett, Bradley Carter, Mikel Simmons, Grace Lilly, Lucía Peña, TJ Dinch, and Mia Alario.

Mia Isabella Alario was fired at the beginning of the second season of Southern Hospitality for admitting that she had drank alcohol on the job after cohort Lucía Peña was let go for the same offense. We also got to see more of her charming father and hook up with now-boyfriend Troy Radtke and according to social media they’re still very much in love.

Mia Alario breast implants

Hot off the heels of season two it seems Mia Alario is celebrating with a new look! We were SHOCKED that she got a breast augmentation (Mia was stacked before!) but her explanation may shed some light.

During dinner last night (3/09/24) Alario said she was feeling great five days post op and was enjoying a cookie for her “new chocolate chips.”

Mia says in the video from her story that she was unhappy with the effect that “gravity” had on her chest and thanks to her doctor, Dr. Dennis Schimpf of Sweetgrass Plastic Surgery in Summerville, South Carolina, she’s loving her new perkiness.

Alario says she got 360CC’s on both sides and is currently taking muscle relaxers for the pain. According to the Southern Hospitality star her recovery is going so well because the doctor only “filled in what was missing.”

Mia Alario Before Breast Augmentation:

Mia Alario After Breast Augmentation:

Though she has yet to post her own official “after,” you can see that her cleavage is lifted. We think Mia’s “chocolate chips” looked great both ways but can’t wait to see the final product.

UPDATE 3/20/24: Mia Alario is 2 weeks post-op and as she says in her video her “puppies are looking fire.” We agree! Dr. Schimpf says Alario’s implants are settling nicely and the Southern Hospitality star loves that her stitches are tiny.

See the updated “after” photo below:

Mia Alario breast implants

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