SOUTHERN CHARM Jarrett ‘JT’ Thomas causes scene at airport, upsets flight attendants

Jarrett “JT” Thomas, Southern Charm newcomer, caused a scene at the airport so big it led to him not boarding his flight. Read his side, and an eyewitness account from someone who was there.

JT claims that the manager stole his spot when he was late to board… a Redditor from the plane claims he was rude to flight attendants and was accused of being drunk.

Keep scrolling to make sense of it all…

JT Thomas airport meltdown

Jarrett “JT” Thomas, newcomer of Bravo’s hit reality series Southern Charm, had a mishap at the airport yesterday and it appears there are conflicting stories.

JT posted his side to his Instagram, claiming that his injuries from an ATV accident caused him to board his plane last. When the time came to move forward, Thomas says that a United airlines manager (!) who was waiting on standby stole his spot.

Interestingly, he does admit to “causing a scene…”

In his second snap, he flashes a chipped tooth and says that not even his “charm” helped with the situation.

Video from the fight attendants show them consoling each other. You can hear one say “You don’t need to listen to him. He doesn’t get to board early.” A still of them talking is here:

United airlines passenger Reddit clapback

While Southern Charm star Jarrett “JT” Thomas is playing victim in the matter, at least one eyewitness account who was on the plane is discrediting his story. Posted by u/normal_gossip “Saw JT today at CHS,” this story seems like Thomas was a lot more at fault than he claims.

I saw JT while at the Charleston airport this afternoon. He was talking loudly with one AirPod in his ear and limping like incredibly slowly.

He rounded where I was sitting twice and seemed to want people to notice him. I noted to my husband he was a guy from Southern Charm and saw other people also whispering to their friends about him.

I board the flight and I’m sitting in 21 C (aisle) and my husband is sitting in 21 B (aisle) with no one to his window seat. Like five minutes before we’re scheduled to take off, the flight attendant comes down the aisle and asks my husband if he is Jarrett Thomas. He says no and it clicks for me that JT’s name is Jarrett Thomas! I’m like wait this is hysterical, he’s going to sit next to my husband. I also remembered that on the show, he said he was from the DC VA area.

Anyway, a few more minutes go by and I can see the flight attendant talking to the pilot and she’s gesturing dramatically and looks upset.

A moment later, a tall female crew member (off duty) boards the plane and takes the seat next to my husband. I don’t know how it works but maybe she was on standby and got his seat because he didn’t show up.

She sits down and I’m like there has to be some reason that flight attendant was so upset and that he was also walking around the airport for a good while before the flight and isn’t here.

So I lean over and ask the crew member if the guy who was supposed to be in her seat was rude to the flight attendant. She says oh yes, he came to the gate after boarding and claimed he was injured from an ATV accident and demanded to be let on to the plane. She said he seemed like he came straight from the bar.

I told her I was curious because I recognized him from a popular reality tv show. She laughed and texted her daughter who’s a Bravo fan.

TLDR; he missed his flight to DC today, has a leg injury, and offended some airport staff.

As proof, they also included a photo.

Credit: Reddit user u/normal_gossip

Credit: Reddit user u/normal_gossip

Guess this one is a case of he said, Reddit user said…

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