TIKTOK Sarah Joy faked being Amish?

Yesterday (March 26, 2024) a TikToker named Sarah Joy who goes by @thatplaingirl had her fans extremely worried. She had amassed a following of over 400k with the story that she was a Plain, a.k.a. Amish, girl who had somehow snuck a cellphone and dreamed of escaping her life to become a hairdresser.

In her last TikTok, Sarah Joy displayed a far different demeanor from her usual bubbly or bubbly self and she appeared to read off a script as she announced that this was her “last TikTok while she’s still in the community (meaning the Amish community.)” Since then multiple people have come forward with evidence that Sarah may have never been Amish at all.

UPDATE! Sarah has published a video explaining that she converted several years ago and knew the friend from before she converted. She also says that she explained to the friend in 2019 why she was dressing differently.


She has also deleted all but three of her videos.


Sarah Joy (@thatplaingirl)’s account is now entirely gone.

Since then multiple people have come forward with evidence that Sarah may have never been Amish at all. What’s going on with Sarah Joy?

At this point it’s hard to know out exactly what is true when it comes to Sarah Joy. What we do know to be true is that her real name is Sarah and she does indeed work at the “Plain Store” that she’s featured in multiple TikToks.

Just hours before Sarah posted her last cryptic video, she appeared to be relaxed, happy, and smiling as she unboxed some soap she was being paid to promote via affiliate codes.


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♬ original sound – Sarahjoy

The contrast of mood between the two videos is jarring. The final video has a captain reading “I deeply apologize if I have offended anyone for stepping outside of the community guidelines,” and shows Sarah looking stiff and terrifying as she succinctly states.


This is the last TikTok that I’m going to be making while I’m still in the community.

It has been very nice to get to know all of you and I appreciate the opportunity that you have given me to talk about the community. I wish you all well.”


I deeply apologize if I have offended anyone for stepping outside of the community guidelines.

♬ original sound – Sarahjoy

Just a few days prior, Sarah told her audience that the bishop was coming. In the comments, she claimed that she had an appointment with him. The audience viewed this information as ominous foreshadowing and feared for her safety.

Many people tried to call in wellness checks for her, and others mused over how they could “rescue” Sarah.

Then, on Wednesday, March 27, 2024 people claiming to know Sarah from before TiKTok claim that she was never Amish to begin with, she just dresses the way she does because she works in an Amish, or “Plain” store.

Her father is allegedly an Assemblies of God Reverend, and there is a photo that appears to be Sarah and her family from when he accepted a new appointment in 2016.

There are also multiple social media photos being shared of Sarah wearing jeans, sleeveless dresses, and makeup, all of which is forbidden in Amish communities.

One TikTok user, KenzieRehn @kenzie____________, says she has known Sarah and her sister Anna, who Sarah has been referring to as her friend, for years. She backed up her claims with photos from the past.


#greenscreen #sarahjoy #notamish

♬ original sound – KenzieRehn

Kenzie claims that Sarah Joy is “lying to all of TikTok about being Amish.” One of her videos has been taken down, but she’s submitted an appeal.

The Amish do allow young people to participate in Rumspringa, where they are allowed to dress and live as other people do, but Sarah has never mentioned this and has appeared to be trapped in her situation and longing to leave.

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