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Which Love Is Blind Season 6 couple had the most screen time? By almost double!?

After watching all of Love Is Blind Season 6, I didn’t feel as though I knew Amy and Johnny that well. That got me curious about how much screen time they got compared to the other couples, so I actually went through and tallied the screen times for each of the couples after they left the pods and before the weddings.

This isn’t just a clickbait tease — the results were shocking! At least they were to me! Keep reading for the full break down.

Love Is Blind Season 6 spoilers: Do Amy and Johnny get engaged?

Netflix seemed to drop a lot of Love Is Blind Season 6 spoilers with their extended trailer last week! Many of the cast members who get engaged are revealed, and it appears as though many of the couples are revealed as well.

The engaged cast members look to be accurate, but Netflix got pretty clever and deceptive with the apparent couple reveals. Keep reading to find out who Johnny McIntyre actually got engaged to!

LOVE IS BLIND Stacy still hung up on Johnie? Posts statement after Reunion

More than a year and a half after filming, Love Is Blind Season 5 star Stacy Snyder is still talking about co-star Johnnie Maraist. After the Reunion dropped Sunday night, Stacy took to Instagram to share a lengthy statement arguing that Johnnie was the real bully, not her.

Keep reading for Stacy’s full statement. Plus, check out Johnnie’s Instagram posts after the Reunion dropped. She didn’t mention Stacy at all, but proudly showed off her NASA engineer boyfriend of more than a year!