SEEKING SISTER WIFE Did Dannielle and Garrick split before finding out she was pregnant?

Seeking Sister Wife Dannielle and Garrick Merrifield split?

As Starcasm previously reported, there is A LOT of evidence backing up reports that Seeking Sister Wife star Dannielle Merrifield gave birth to her third child some time last year. Based on information straight from TLC, it appears that a potential pregnancy may not be the only shocking turn for Dannielle and Garrick this season!

TLC has released brief synopses for many of the upcoming Seeking Sister Wife Season 5 episodes, and they include a HUGE spoiler for the Merrifields. Here are the synopses for the next five episodes:

Seeking Sister Wife Season 5 Episode 4
“Seeking the Truth”

Air Date: March 25, 2023

Worried Dannielle is hesitant about adding a wife, Nathalia questions the Merrifields’ commitment to her. Ashley Sherwood meets with a new potential sister-wife. The Ryans nervously prepare to go on a make it or break it date. Danielle Davis decides if the polygamist life is right for her.

Seeking Sister Wife Season 5 Episode 5
“Seeking Can Be Complicated …”

Air Date: April 1, 2024

Dannielle and Nathalia confront Garrick about his continued use of dating apps. April and Danielle Davis have an emotional heart-to-heart. The Salahuddins learn upsetting news about Keisha. After being stood up, the Ryans hit the road to surprise Stephanie.

Seeking Sister Wife Season 5 Episode 6
“Seeking Commitment”

Air Date: April 8, 2024

The Merrifields prepare to propose to Nathalia. The Salahuddins blindside Naeem’s mother with unexpected news. The Sherwoods go on a group date with Sara. The Ryans make a heartbreaking realization about Stephanie.

Seeking Sister Wife Season 5 Episode 7
“Seeking Answers”

Air Date: April 15, 2024

The Davises decide if they’re ready to start dating again. The Salahuddins go on a date with a woman 20 years younger than them. The Ryans arrive home devastated and questioning their lifestyle. Back in Colorado, Garrick and Dannielle fight when she grows wary of Nathalia’s real motives.

Seeking Sister Wife Season 5 Episode 8
“Seeking the Unexpected”

Air Date: April 22, 2024

The Ryans get back in the saddle and meet with a new potential sister wife. Shane Sherwood worries he’ll lose Ashley to another woman. Nick Davis anxiously waits to see if his wives are ready to start dating. After a month apart, Dannielle calls Garrick with shocking news.

Did Dannielle Leave Garrick?

The Episode 7 synopsis reveals “Garrick and Dannielle fight when she grows wary of Nathalia’s real motives.” Then, in Episode 8, it is revealed Dannielle and Garrick spent “a month apart.”

I can’t think of anything that could mean except they separated? What is another scenario in which Garrick and Dannielle would spend a month apart?

And we can all probably guess what the “shocking news” is that Dannielle has for Garrick: She’s pregnant!

If you are curious about the timeline, Garrick and Dannielle traveled to Mexico to be with Nathalia in the fall of 2022. Dannielle started her 8-month social media hiatus in January of 2023.

That certainly seems to line up with a Garrick and Dannielle separation after their return from Mexico, and then Dannielle finding out a month later that she was pregnant.

UPDATE – Seeking Sister Wife producers apparently gave up on trying to keep Dannielle’s pregnancy a secret. TLC shared a preview clip at the end of the episode on April 8 in which Danielle clearly looks to be pregnant.

Are Dannielle and Garrick together now?

If the assumptions are correct about Garrick and Dannielle’s separation and her pregnancy, then the next obvious question would be: Are they currently back together?

Dannielle and Garrick certainly SEEM to be together, but is that just a show in order not to spoil their story line this season?

As we previously reported, the couple listed their Colorado home for sale in January of this year.

It certainly seemed like the Merrifields were building a forever home, so the listing surprised a lot of viewers. However, selling the house would make perfect sense if the couple are no longer together!

To see how all of this plays out on screen, be sure to tune in for new episodes of Seeking Sister Wife airing Monday nights at 9/8c on TLC.

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