Jim Bob Duggar’s sister Deanna Duggar claims grandson died and met Jesus

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Deanna Duggar, estranged sister of Jim Bob Duggar, patriarch of 19 Kids and Counting, claims Amy King’s son Dax died as a baby and met Jesus.

Watch the chilling interview in which Duggar describes her grandson’s death and ultimate resurrection titled “In the Divine Presence: A Young Boy’s Extraordinary Journey to God’s Throne and the Enchanting Realms of Heaven!”

Deanna Duggar

Deanna Duggar is Jim Bob Duggar’s biological sister. Jim Bob, patriarch of 19 Kids and Counting, and Deanna have been estranged because of Jim Bob’s conservative teachings.

Mom to rebel cousin Amy Duggar King, Deanna has been outspoken against the fundamentalist Duggar-endorsed teachings of the Institute in Basic Life Principles. Amy herself even participated in the Duggar exposé Shiny Happy People: Duggar Secrets Revealed.

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Deanna, who made public attacks against Anna Duggar, positioned herself to be the dissenting liberal aunt however things are taking a very odd turn. As it so happens, the nut may not fall too fall from the tree after all.

In the Divine Presence

Hosted by Adnan Maqsood on Vision Ministries, “In the Divine Presence: A Young Boy’s Extraordinary Journey to God’s Throne and the Enchanting Realms of Heaven!” features guest Deanna Duggar making claims that her grandson died when he was a baby and met Jesus.

Daxton Ryan King, son of Amy Duggar King, is currently 4 years old. Deanna claims he died as a baby during an accident then came back to life. He allegedly recalled the whole thing several years later.

The snarky Facebook account Duggar Family News: Life is not all pickles and hairspray recapped it in its typical sarcastic tone:

Jim Bob’s estranged sister, Deanna, is now claiming her grandson went to heaven and met God. Deanna says that her grandson fell at 10 months old which caused him to prematurely meet God. He then somehow remembered what happened at 10 months and told grandma when he was two. I looked back at Amy’s Instagram and saw no indication of a God inducing accident of any kind when Dax was a baby. Not even a Paw Patrol band-aid. He could have had a terrible accident but who remembers stuff from before you can walk? If anything, Dax had a nice dream which grandma decided to turn into publicity for herself.
In the video above Deanna gives other examples of children who claim to be able to “look up and see Jesus and God any time.”
While we don’t claim to know the Duggar King’s lives, we wouldn’t be surprised if this was more of publicity stunt than divine intervention.
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