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Jenna Jameson talks realities of body image and drugs: ‘I was worried I couldn’t lose the weight sober’

When Jenna Jameson gave birth to daughter Batel Lu April 2017, the former adult actress found herself at her highest weight and without her standby weightless tool: drugs. She was afraid she would be unable to loss weight with her new sober life, but was determined to do it in a healthy way for herself and her family. In a new Instagram post 44-year-old mom of three shares some of the anxieties and realities of her body image journey over the past year.

Jenna Jameson’s conversion to Judaism to be featured on new reality show

There is very little, if anything, that Jenna Jameson won't do in front of a camera for everyone to see, and, apparently, that includes changing religions. The former porn superstar and Celebrity Big Brother contestant is reportedly working on a new reality show that will feature Jenna's conversion to Judaism ahead of her 2016 wedding to Jewish fiancé and diamond dealer Lior Bitton.