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Farrah Abraham compares her battery case to conflict in Middle East

As we reported earlier, former Froco Fresh Frozen yogurt shop owner Farrah Abraham got some good news in her California battery case after she allegedly slapped an LA club security guard in January of 2022.

Farrah Abraham has since responded to the court case outcome by comparing her altercation with the security guard to the current conflict in the Middle East. “I’m Jerusalem & security is Hummus lying with terrorism tactics that fail,” Farrah wrote. Yes, she wrote “Hummus” instead of Hamas.

Farrah Abraham battery arrest update: community service and diversion

Former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham had another court date this week in regards to her battery charge after allegedly slapping a club security guard in January of 2022. Farrah’s arrest went viral after video was released of security having to pin her down to the sidewalk while waiting for police to arrive.

Keep reading for the results from the hearing, which seemed to go in Farrah’s favor.

Farrah Abraham has to ‘fix’ her face after ‘face robbery’

In yet another Farrahtrulescent one-star Yelp review, former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham trashes an Austin, Texas salon by accusing the “none skilled injectors” who worked there of “face robbery” for ruining her face.

Thankfully, Farrah was able to get someone in New York to “fix” her face just in time for her “special film project.”

Keep reading for Farrah’s full review, lots of “face robbery” photos, and our educated theory on what Farrah’s “special film project” might be!

Farrah Abraham trashes Starburst boarder, apartments, moving company on Yelp

No one can write a negative Yelp review quite like former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham! Keep reading to catch up on Farrah’s Yelp oeuvre since she infamously called out Harvard for booting her from an online writing class. The reviews include three different apartment buildings, the boarder that was looking after Sophia’s miniature horse Starburst, and even the club that Farrah was arrested at earlier this year. 😂

Farrah Abraham’s grandmother files order of protection against Debra Danielsen

Teen Mom OG fans are well aware of the difficult relationship between Farrah Abraham and her mother, Debra Danielsen. It appears that their mother/daughter issues aren’t the only ones in the family as Farrah’s grandmother filed for an elder abuse protective order against Debra in June. Keep reading for all the startling allegations made by Carmella against Debra in the protection filing.

Farrah Abraham trashes Harvard on Yelp, professor suggests she learns to write sentences

Former Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham made a few headlines earlier this year after she announced on Facebook that she “will start school at Havard [sic] University.” After a brief LinkedIn controversy over the validity of Farrah’s Ivy League attendance claim, it was revealed that she was indeed an online student in the Harvard Extension School. One of the classes she was taking was a writing class, and apparently it didn’t go well for Farrah. At all. Read Farrah’s scathing review of Harvard University, which includes a message from her writing professor suggesting that Farrah take a lower level class to learn how to write sentences. Plus, read ALL 18 of Farrah’s remarkable Yelp reviews from over the past few years! I promise it’s a lot more fun than it sounds!

Farrah Abraham ordered to pay $673k over store lease lawsuit

Farrah Abraham’s ill-fated foray into brick-and-mortar retail ended in September of 2018 when the former reality star shuttered the doors on her neighboring Furnished By Farrah furniture store and Sophia Laurent Children’s Boutique. The stores were open for roughly two years, but unfortunately for Farrah, she signed a five-year lease on both locations.

The company that owned the shopping center sued Farrah for the remaining rent in February of 2019, and the judge recently signed off on a WHOPPING summary judgment in favor of the landlord!