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Tommy Lee’s son punched him in defense of Pamela Anderson, she says he deserved it

Tommy Lee says the punch to the face he got from his 21-year-old son Brandon left him unconscious and had his fiancée thinking he was dead. Lee’s fiancée, Brittany Furlan, called the cops after the altercation, but, by the time they got there Brandon was gone. Now, Brandon’s mom Pamela Anderson is sharing her perspective on the situation. Pamela told TMZ that her ex-husband Tommy is a “disaster spinning out of control” and deserved the blow.

Pamela Anderson puts her ‘Baywatch’ bathing suit on and hits the beach at 45

Pamela Anderson recently took her iconic red one-piece swimsuit out of retirement for a Baywatch-inspired commercial, and much to the dismay of women everywhere, she looks just as good at 45 as she did in her 20’s. On Friday afternoon, the blonde bombshell was spotted running on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, rescue tube in hand, channeling her former role as C.J. Parker.