How strawberry jam helped Shakira catch her boyfriend cheating on her

In June 2022, Shakira (45) and her long-time partner Gerard Pique (35) split. Soon afterwards Gerard started dating 23-year-old Clara Chia Marti. Now there’s a circulating report about the ingenious way Shakira allegedly discovered that Gerard was cheating on her.

According to a report from Show!, Shakira discovered possible infidelity by looking in her fridge.

The Spanish snow Socialite reports one of Shakira’s favorite condiments is strawberry jam, but Gerard never touched the stuff. When she returned home from a trip, however, she is said to have found that someone else had eaten the spread.

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Internet sleuths have speculated that Shakira referenced her fridge discovery in the music video “Te Felicito” with Rauw Alejandro.

In the video Shakira opens a fridge to find Rauw’s head inside. Of course, people who have heard the strawberry jam story thought this was a direct reference to her shocking discovery.

When asked about what she was looking for in the fridge on the television show This Morning, Shakira replied she opened the fridge in the music video to “find the truth.”

The lyrics of “Te Felicito” also seem to be about the relationship. They are a scathing attack at a “fake” lover who took their authentic partner for granted.

“For pleasing you, I broke into pieces
They warned me but I didn’t pay attention
I realized you were fake
It was the drop that spilled the glass”

Gerard and Clara have publicly been a couple since October 2022, a few months after Shakira and Gerard’s break-up, but many fans think their relationship may have been going on for a lot longer.

Shakira’s fans have also spotted Clara in the background in a Zoom interview Gerard did in 2021, when he and Shakira were still together.

Page Six has a source telling them that Shakira was “devastated” to learn from this Zoom evidence that Gerard had been having an affair for so long behind her back.

Shakira and Gerard were together for 12 years and have two children together. Shakira reportedly has plans to relocate herself and their children from Barcelona, Spain to Miami, FL. Their move has been postponed due to Shakira’s dad’s health issues.

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