Kim Kardashian finally gets noticed at a concert after her snub by Adele

After getting “snubbed” by Adele at her Vegas show last month, Kim Kardashian is finally getting the attention she deserves from THIS famous R&B singer.

See who Kim brought to the concert, and who got a special serenade from the star.

Kim snubbed by Adele

Last month it was heavily reported that Kim Kardashian didn’t receive any love from Adele when the reality star attended her concert with sister Kendall Jenner and friend Hailey Bieber.

In leaked video you can see the “Rolling in the Deep” singer walk right by the famous Kar-Jenners even though most fans believe it would have been impossible to miss that they was there.

Adele has made negative comments about the Kardashians in the past, but Kim doesn’t seem to mind because she is still an avid supporter of the 16 time Grammy winner.

Kardashians attend the Usher concert

Earlier this month Kim Kardashian attended the Usher concert with Chris Appleton and Lukas Gage, a move that she said made her whole group chat “jealous.”

In the sweetest move ever, Kardashian decided to “return the surprise” at the Usher concert again last night and this time she brought along some of the famous friends who missed out the first time.

Khloe Kardashian and Kimora Lee Simmons were seen in attendance, flying out to Vegas on the infamous Kim Air. Kardashian was super happy and hyped to let her friends in on this experience, and it looks like the good karma paid off.

Usher loves Kim (and Kimora!)

Unlike the Adele concert in which the singer walked right by them, Usher stopped to serenade the Kardashian crew… giving special attention to friend Kimora Lee Simmons.

Kimora Lee, ex wife of producer Russel Simmons, was seen on the receiving end of Usher’s love during his song Burn.

The friend group seemed to LOVE the experience, and videos of them were captured dancing and singing the night away. Khloe Kardashian particularly, seemed to know every word.

In a post tagged by Khloe, friends Tracy and Ray Romulus, Steph Shepard, Natalie Halcro, Olivia Pierson and Larry Jackson were also in attendance. Looks like it was quite the party!

We are glad Kim and the Kardashians finally got some attention from a big time singer!

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