Demi Lovato’s drug dealer claims they had a ‘sexual friendship’ and says ‘she knew what she was taking’

It’s been six weeks since Demi Lovato’s drug overdose, and her alleged drug dealer is speaking out about the night it happened.

According to TMZ, Brandon Johnson is Demi’s dealer who provided her drugs the night she overdosed. Brandon explained, in detail, his relationship with the singer and the events that lead up to her hospitalization.

“She texted me at four o’clock in the morning because she’s a girl and she wanted to kick it,” Brandon claimed. “I mean, why else does any girl text another guy at four o’clock in the morning to come over?”

Brandon stated that Demi needed to “unwind a little bit” after a long and stressful day. When asked if Demi knew about the drugs she was taking, Brandon replied with “100% she knew what she was taking. … She understood fully.”

Johnson described his relationship with Demi as a “sexual friendship” saying, “We messed around but for the most part we were just friends.”

He also made a point to say, “I’m not here to hurt anybody. I care for her very much.”

Here’s the timeline of what Brandon claims happened the night of Demi’s overdose:

– 4:00 a.m. Demi texts Brandon to come over

– Brandon arrives at Demi’s house and says she’s a “little drunk”

– The two watch crime shows together

– Brandon provides Demi with drugs and he explains that the drugs are “after market” and are “much stronger” than pharmaceutical. Together they smoke the drugs

– Demi “passes out” around 7:00 a.m. or 8:00 a.m. Brandon puts her to bed and leaves

If you’re wondering how Brandon can make such serious claims without repercussions or fear of prosecution, it’s all a matter of how overdoses are categorized. According to TMZ, an overdose is considered a “medical emergency” and one that is “self-induced.” As a result, Brandon won’t be held responsible.

After the overdose, Demi spent substantial time in the hospital before entering a treatment facility. While she was away, her Hollywood Hills home was targeted for a burglary. Cops added extra patrols to the area, and no break ins were reported.

Demi must be hoping to leave some bad vibes behind because it was just reported that the 26-year-old just put her house on the market. The home was purchased in September of 2016, but after a mudslide on her property, an overdose, and a near miss burglary, it seems Demi is looking for a fresh start.

Jessica Bradford is a writer for Starcasm.