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90 DAY FIANCE Molly Hopkins’ ex Luis Mendez to be deported next month

TLC’s super popular 90 Day Fiance reality series premiered more than six-and-a-half years ago and has spawned no fewer than seven different spin-off series. Despite numerous dubious relationships, and even multiple arrests of the foreign cast members after coming to the United States, there hasn’t been a single deportation. Until now. Well, until next month.

90 DAY FIANCE Molly Hopkins’ LiviRae Lingerie sued for $30k in unpaid rent & fees EXCLUSIVE

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After star Molly Hopkins is involved in yet another acrimonious break up, this time with her lingerie business’s former landlord! According to court documents, a default judgment was issued against Molly’s LiviRae Lingerie earlier this year for an amount in excess of $30,000 after the business allegedly continued to occupy a rental property after the lease expired.

90 Day Fiance: What Now? cast includes Danielle, David, Annie, Molly, Tarik, Larry, Jonathan, Fernanda, Loren and Alexei

It’s been an exciting couple of weeks for 90 Day Fiance news! TLC has officially announced the Happily Ever After Season 4 cast and premiere date, a brand new spin-off titled The Family Chantel is coming in July, and a the new series concept 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way is set to debut in June. This weekend fans got even more great news as the cast of the network’s What Now? series has been revealed, and it includes some of the franchise’s most memorable stars!

90 DAY FIANCE Molly says Luis was homophobic, addresses domestic violence charge, wants to bra fit Cardi B

90 Day Fiance star Molly Hopkins recently appeared on The Tomorrow Show with Keven Undergaro and shared her thoughts on her ex Luis Mendez, whom she says considered gay people and “abomination of God.” Molly also talks about the domestic violence incident back in January, Luis’ recent marriage, and his claims that Molly only married him and did the show to promote her lingerie business. And speaking of LiviRae Lingerie, Molly reveals that she wishes she could work her bra fitting magic on Cardi B because the rapper puts “forty pounds of meat in a twenty-pound sack.”

90 DAY FIANCE Luis and Molly domestic violence police report surfaces, Molly responds

In what may have been part of his plan to remain in the United States, 90 Day Fiance star Luis called the police and accused Molly of domestic violence in early January, just before she filed for divorce. Luis showed police a video of the incident that sounds a lot like the one he posted online in June. Keep reading for all the details from the police report and a revised timeline of the couple’s split.

PHOTOS There was a HUGE 90 Day Fiance party in LA and we weren’t invited ?

In one of the least publicized blockbuster events in reality television history, cast members from multiple seasons and multiple incarnations of the 90 Day Fiance franchise united in Los Angeles Tuesday night for a blow out bash celebrating the new season of the franchise mother ship premiering this Sunday night. Also invited were members of the media and press, not including us. ???

90 DAY FIANCE Molly Hopkins shows off weight loss in HAWT lingerie photo

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After star Molly Hopkins shed more than 170 pounds of dead weight when she officially divorced her Dominican hubby Luis back in May, but the reality starlet has continued to shed the pounds (her own) since the split, and she showed off the astonishing results in a brand new lingerie photo!

90 DAY FIANCE Molly and Luis fight in cell phone video, is it the domestic violence evidence Luis hinted at?

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After star Luis Mendez hinted back in March that he would be posting evidence of domestic violence from his relationship with ex-wife Molly Hopkins, and that’s what looks to have surfaced online today in the form of a cell phone video recorded by Luis of a big fight he had with Molly!