THE BOBBY BROWN STORY – Did Bobby Brown date Janet Jackson and kick her out of a hotel naked?

Last night the audience of BET’s first installment of The Bobby Brown Story were shook to find out that he has a brief, tumultuous relationship with Janet Jackson. Is it really true they dated?

“It was a big heartache for me, I can tell you that,” Brown revealed to Steve Harvey in 2017 about his brief fling with Janet Jackson. “I had a real crush on her. I was absolutely head over heels for her.”

“I fell in love with [Janet] when she was Penny on Good Times,” the he told US Magazine in 2016 while promoting his memoir Every Little Step: My Story. “It goes back that far, you know, my infatuation with her.”

Bobby says he mistakenly thought Janet would leave her then-boyfriend Rene Elizondo Jr. for him, but she ultimately wasn’t in love with Bobby. He also related a story about kicking her out of a hotel room naked because Janet told him that her father wouldn’t allow her to date a black man.

Baller Alert even dug up a cover of Fresh! magazine from March, 1990 with Bobby and Janet on the cover.

Bobby met Janet through mutual friends. A backup dancer for Madonna was dating one of his friends and it turns out Janet Jackson isn’t the only connection he made through this connection. He seems to suggest something happened between himself and Madonna.

“I guess she told my friend that Madonna wanted to meet me. We ended up going down to the studio and the next thing I know, there was some strange things happening to me.”

When asked what that meant, he only laughed and said: “Madonna is really forceful. When she wants something, she’ll take it.”

Part 2 of The Bobby Brown Story airs tonight, September 5, 2018 on BET @ 9/8c.

Amelia Cunningham is a Starcasm writer and editor