BEFORE THE 90 DAYS Tarik releases Hazel proposal song ‘Far Round The Way Girl’

Before the 90 Days Tarik Myers proposal song for Hazel

We were the first to report that 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days star Tarik Myers is an aspiring rapper who now performs under the name Dirt Bourdain, and Tarik held that ace up his sleeve while pitching woo to his Filipino girlfriend Hazel — right up until the moment before he proposed! In the memorable proposal scene, Tarik and the always stoic Hazel were walking along the beach before Tarik cranked up a portable speaker and dropped his song “Far Round The Way Girl,” which he wrote and performed especially for Hazel. Soon, Tarik was down on one knee asking for Hazel’s hand in marriage, and — eventually — she said yes.

Now, after almost two weeks of teasing, Tarik has FINALLY made the song available to all of us! Complete with custom artwork and production by Tarik’s expressive brother Dean Hashim, the track is now available via download for a mere $1.29. And, in a surprise twist, Hazel makes an appearance at the end of the song!

We shelled out the big bucks for our copy, and thought we might share a snippet of the lyrics with you:

Foreign girl other side of the world
A brotha wanna make you my round the way girl
Say fella like that I been so [???]
Just let me scoop you up miss round the way girl

It’s like I’ve been living my whole life in black and white
Until I broke down and got my ass on that flight
Got me shoppin [thinkin?] jewelry
Hazel it’s you and me
Damn what them haters think
Asian’ll ruin me
And I’m spoiled rotten
You say the boys got me
Too big for his britches
Cuz I’m bustin at the stitches
Definition of insanity is still fishin
In the same pond with fishes
Don’t wanna do the dishes

* Please note that there may be errors in the lyrics above. I transcribed them the best that I was able!

Tarik announced the release of the song just after the episode aired, and he expressed his frustration over how the song was edited by show producers in the comments section of his Instagram account:

COMMENT: Woahh i thought you were garbage based on the 90 day sh*t but you actually have some bars

TARIK: yeah they totally cut my proposal song up awfully on the show to the point where it barely made sense. I wasn’t happy with that. So that’s why I’m putting it out in its entirety so people can here what it really sounds like.

Another commenter pointed out that Hazel’s super-religious parents probably wouldn’t be the biggest fans of the song. “I bet Hazel’s parents would sh*t their pants hearing your rap,” the commenter wrote, adding: “But it sounds real good.”

“Thanks,” Tarik replied. “And therein lies the beauty of having your fiance’s parents not have English as their first language hahahaha. They can’t understand it so I’m good lol.”

In addition to “Far Round the Way Girl,” Tarik plans on releasing a full album titled Working Man’s Gangsta! Here’s a sample from another song to be featured on the album:

Tarik says he and Dean are working hard on getting it done in time for a Halloween release, so stay tuned.

Tarik is not the first 90 Day Fiance franchise cast member to release a song — he follows in the Jesse-eye-weaponsteps of his Before the 90 Days co-star Darcey Silva, who released the single “Lock Your Number” with her twin sister Stacey earlier this year, as well as Claremont, New Hampshire’s most famous singer songwriter, 90 Day Fiance Season 5 star Evelyn Cormier. Oh, and who could ever forget the biggest Nicaraguan pop star in American reality television history, Yamir!

To hear more music samples from Tarik, be sure to visit our profile post on his rap alter egos Dirt Bourdain and Dirt DayOH.

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