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VIDEO The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe Lifetime miniseries trailer

Earlier this month we shared the first photos of actress Kelli Garner as Marilyn Monroe in the upcoming Lifetime miniseries based on the icon’s troubled off-screen life, and now we have the very first trailer! Keep reading to watch the clip, which includes Academy Award winner Susan Sarandon as Marilyn’s troubled mother Gladys. Plus, see more photos of Kelli’s amazing transformation into Marilyn.

Lana Del Rey says ‘death wish’ comment was coerced, reporter releases original audio

In a recent interview, Lana Del Rey said she wishes she was “dead already.” She now claims she was coerced into saying such morbid things and blames the reporter for his “sinister” intentions. The reporter responded by sharing the original audio conversation… Decide for yourself whether Lana was pushed into making the regretful statement.