PHOTOS Joseline Hernandez’s after baby body is straight-up ridiculous

Joseline Hernandez after baby 5 weeks 1

Joseline Hernandez is one of the most divisive (and entertaining!) members of the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast, and the amount of attention getting paid to her post-pregnancy figure is a perfect demonstration of why. Haters are hating and fans are agog, but pretty much everybody is wondering the same thing: how did Joseline […]

A&E’s reboot of Cold Case Files aims for ‘movie-style’ recreation of real-life unsolved murders

How real is A&E's Cold Case Files 2

A&E’s latest contribution to the burgeoning True Crime genre of documentary shows is a fresh take on an old favorite for many. The Bill Kurtis-helmed Cold Case Files originally ran for seven years, generated a syndication-worthy 125 episodes, and garnered a handful of Emmy nominations and wins. The show’s methodical examination of infamous unsolved murders […]

Keyshia Cole claims she turned down a seven-figure offer to join Love & Hip Hop

Keyshia Cole joining Love & Hip Hop 1

Keyshia Cole is a mainstay of contemporary R&B, and has a career going strong into its second decade. She also has friendships with several cast members of Love & Hip Hop New York–most notably Remy Ma. So fans of the franchise were understandably excited by a recent spate of rumors regarding Keyshia Cole joining Love […]


TEEN MOM 2 Kailyn Lowry and Barbara Evans have custody issues in sneak peeks

While the Teen Momiverse quaked from the bombshell news that Kailyn Lowry is pregnant, MTV rolled out a set of previews for tonight’s new episode. In this latest batch of Teen Mom 2 sneak peeks we’ve got Babs talking custody of Jace, Kail and Javi trying to figure out who has the kids on holidays, and Jeremy Calvert revealing his engagement news to Leah Messer:

Kimbella and Juelz Santana separation speculation builds as social media offers potential clues

are kimbella and juelz still together 1

An up-and-down, drama-filled storyline during LHHNY Season 7 has many fans wondering: Are Kimbella and Juelz Santana still together? Speculation that the two split for good has been building in the weeks leading up to Love & Hip Hop New York‘s reunion special, in part because none of the early leaks from reunion filming featured […]