PHOTOS Full frontal nude photos of Justin Bieber surface online


Justin Bieber is no stranger when it comes to showing skin (remember the Calvin Klein ad?), but nothing we’ve seen before has prepared us for the pictures that just surfaced. During his recent vacay in Bora Bora, the Biebs was photographed walking around his villa completely naked. And we’re not talking about a grainy butt crack shot: we’re talking everything.

TLC gives Breaking Amish’s Mary Schmucker iTunes gift card, Mary: ‘I have no use for it’


Normally, a $100 iTunes gift card is a pretty safe gift for just about anyone–but for Breaking Amish matriarch Mama Mary Schmucker, not so much. Mary revealed earlier today that she received the generous gift from TLC for her birthday, but revealed “I have no use for it” before then offering it for sale for $80. Plus, find out what show-related items Mary is also currently selling! (No, its not afghans, cookbooks, or jars of meat.)

Reflections With Tila Tequila vaccines are mass genocide, Tila can cure cancer

Reflections With Tila Tequila: Vaccines are ‘mass genocide’ and Tila can cure cancer!

Being a celebrity blogger, I follow a lot of celebrities’ social media accounts, but none of them (not even Farrah Abraham’s!) can widen my eyes and blow my brain as consistently as Tila Tequila’s! It’s not only Tila’s eye-popping (and bra-popping) photos, but her numerous daily postings about all sorts of topics — most of which revolve around her metaphysical Tila-centric theology (Tila Tequilology?), which blends Christianity with notions of reincarnation and psychic powers.

Adam Lind weighs in on Leah Messer’s ‘drug problem,’ other Teen Mom 2 co-stars


In a new interview, Teen Mom 2‘s Adam Lind opened up about his impression of his MTV co-stars based on their meetings at the reunion shows and shared his real thoughts about continuing with the show, even though it doesn’t paint him in the best light. (Adam also says the truth will be revealed in the autobiography he plans to write!)

VIDEO Young Thug’s baby mama uses stun gun to make son hurry up?!


The mothers of rapper Young Thug’s children are no stranger to parenting fail videos, and the latest features one of them using a stun gun to threaten her young son when he is reluctant to prepare for a game because his cartoon is on. Keep reading to watch the startling clip, plus see an Instagram video from a few weeks ago with Young Thug’s toddler daughter being made to say “I’m motherf***ing tired” repeatedly.