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PHOTOS My 600 Lb Life’s Brittani Fulfer fighting depression with a beautiful new family member

Life is a mixed bag for My 600 Lb Life cast member Brittani Fulfer now, but she’s fighting the good fight with help from a brand-new bundle of joy. Though Brittani’s been battling more than her fair share of issues since her most recent Where Are They Now? episode, the Season 4 star recently celebrated the latest addition to her family — and it sounds like the beautiful little boy is giving her aunt a healthy dose of hope.

PHOTOS My 600 Lb Life’s Paula Jones just welcomed her first grandchild into the world

We’ve got a My 600 Lb Life Paula Jones update full of unexpected good news! The Season 2 and Where Are They Now star has just welcomed her first grandchild into the world: a beautiful, healthy baby girl! And if that weren’t enough, Paula herself is looking healthy as ever! Keep reading for details, plus plenty of pics!

Rehab Addict star Nicole Curtis reaches agreement with ex in three-year custody battle

It looks like what was possibly the most stressful battle of Nicole Curtis' life has finally come to a close. The Rehab Addict star has reached an agreement with baby daddy Shane Maguire in the pair's long custody battle. During the protracted court fight, Nicole surprised longtime fans by leaving her Midwest home and moving out to California -- read on to find out why, plus see the terms of her custody agreement.

REPORT Meghan Markle’s dad set up a royal wedding paparazzi scam behind his royal daughter’s back

Rumors about an alleged paparazzi scam are flying, but did Meghan Markle's dad set her up in a fake photo shoot and keep the cash after selling the pics? According to just-released footage, it appears that Thomas Markle Sr. may have conspired with a known paparazzo to get himself front of a hidden lens, then possibly pocketed a portion of the resulting pics' hefty six-figure profits -- in the face of royal warnings to respect the Markle family's privacy.

HGTV’s ‘Masters Of Flip’ showcases the many talents (and crazy bio) of Kortney and Dave Wilson

HGTV's hit Masters of Flip is back with all-new episodes, which means there's never been a better time to get to know hosts Kortney and Dave Wilson. The two have an unusual history for professional house flippers: not only did they come to the profession with little to no experience, they were actually planning a completely different career for themselves! But, when one thing fell through, another popped up to take its place–and now the Wilsons are have returned with their most satisfying episodes yet.