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Demi Lovato’s house was almost burglarized while she’s in rehab

While Demi Lovato is receiving intensive rehab treatment after an almost fatal opiate overdose last month, her $8.3 million Hollywood Hills home was almost burglarized. TMZ reports that the LAPD arrested some people on charges unrelated to Demi Lovato. During this arrest they found electronic evidence that these people were planning to break into the singer’s home while she was receiving treatment in a different state.

Did vloggers The ACE Family fake being robbed for YouTube? (Exclusive Receipts)

Wildly successful family vloggers The ACE Family (Austin McBroom, 8-month pregnant Catharine Paiz, and toddler daughter Elle McBroom uploaded a 30 minute video on Thursday, August 16, 2018 detailing a troubling situation. The family had taken a day trip Disneyland and returned home to their home burglarized and ransacked. Now Internet sleuths, YouTube drama channels and Instagram accounts claim that the family staged the break-in for YouTube and a receipt surfaced that seems to indicate the family paid a group of cop actors to film a video with them on Thursday. Starcasm has obtained evidence to suggest that the family probably was burglarized, but on a the 15th, not the 16th!

8-year-old died after thinking dad’s meth was breakfast cereal and father refused to call 911

On the morning of June 21, 2018 8-year-old Curtis Gilbert Collman III was hungry for breakfast, but there was no food in the house. He did search for it, however, and instead found granules of meth on the table, which he thought might be breakfast cereal. The amount of meth the boy ate was staggering and he soon fell ill.

Lil Kim is person of interest in L.A. $20k armed robbery

Lil' Kim (real name Kimberly Jones) might not appear for a scheduled BET Awards performance tonight because she's the person of interesting in an armed robbery. The trouble began when she wasn't happy with the house she rented for a pre-BET Awards weekend party. She demanded her deposit back because she was dissatisfied, but the owner refused so she called the cops.