PHOTOS My 600 Lb Life fan favorite Diana Bunch bids farewell to the show

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It’s a bittersweet update on My 600 Lb Life Diana now, as the veteran is both celebrating one of the show’s all-time biggest success stories and bidding farewell to her time in front of the camera. Season 5 and Where Are They Now? star Diana Bunch recently acknowledged she’s through filming and won’t be doing any more follow-ups — but it’s only because she’s reached her goal weight that Diana decided she’s done.

My 600 Lb Life devotées regularly name Diana as one of their favorite cast members, and it’s not hard to see why. The boundlessly optimistic Washingtonian, who began her weight loss journey at 620 pounds and suffering from severe lymphedema, has kept her positive outlook across multiple years and episodes. By the end of her My 600 Lb Life debut, Diana had undergone successful gastric sleeve surgery and lost a total of 265 pounds. A year later, Diana’s official follow-up episode revealed she was down to her goal weight of 195 pounds — meaning she’d lost a total of 425 since overall filming began.

In case you were wondering where Diana Bunch’s weight loss ranks among My 600 Lb Life‘s complete cast, we can reveal that the loss of 68.5% of her peak weight puts Diana sixth all-time. Which is exactly why the latest news about My 600 Lb Life Diana now is at once difficult to hear and completely understandable. In a recent exchange with a fan who wondered whether to expect another Where Are They Now? episode, Diana said, “Since I was at my goal weight when my second episode aired, there won’t be any more follow up.”

It also looks like Diana has slowed down considerably on her social media use. The “Thankful Tuesday” updates of yore are now fewer and farther between, as Diana seemingly settles into a post-reality TV life. However, since her latest episode, she has shared one mostly full-body photo, and looks very healthy indeed:

My 600 Lb Life Diana now 2

Diana’s accompanying caption likewise depicted a healthy mind completely at ease with where her journey had taken her. Here’s that caption in full:

As we come to the end of the year, I am thankful for the amazing new life that I have and I am truly overwhelmed with gratitude. With the help of Dr Now and his team, my amazing family and friends, lots of prayer and hard work, I have been able to lose 425 pounds. When I started this journey I hoped I would lose weight and be a bit healthier – but I had no idea my life would change this dramatically. I have nothing but good things to say about my choice to be on the show, to have weight-loss surgery, to do the hard work to get the weight off and become healthier, and to share my life with you. If my story encourages just one of you to take whatever steps work for you to improve your health, it is so worth it.

Finally, here’s one more recent photo of My 600 Lb Life Diana now, enjoying an outing with fellow cast member and weight loss success story Charity Pierce:

My 600 Lb Life Diana now with Charity

You can stream both of Diana’s My 600 Lb Life epsiodes — her 2017 debut and 2018 Where Are They Now? update — on the show’s official site.

(Photo credits: My 600 Lb Life Diana now via Facebook)

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