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90 DAY FIANCE Michael Jessen foreclosure update, plus Sarah Jessen divorce and lawsuit updates

We’ve got an update on the foreclosure proceedings against 90 Day Fiance star Michael Jessen in regards to the $1.19 million house he purchased while filming for the show. Plus, updates on the divorce between Michael’s ex Sarah Jessen and her rapper husband Sean Naso, who reportedly had something going on with Michael’s ex-wife Juliana while they were all living together in Michael’s $1.19 million house. Oh, and then there’s the civil lawsuit against Sean and Sarah after he crashed Sarah’s truck into somebody back in 2019.


EXCLUSIVE Love During Lockup features rapper Montana Millz aka Michael Persaud

Yesterday we shared photos and bios of the cast of Love During Lockup Season 2 courtesy of the new preview trailer and a press release by WE tv. However, there was one couple that was not included in the press release, so we didn’t officially have names or bios for either. It seems that there may have been a pretty good reason for the omission — the convict is rapper Montana Millz! Montana Millz made headlines in 2016 due to the fact that he had a song titled “Sell Drugz” and he was arrested for selling drugs.


Farrah Abraham trashes Starburst boarder, apartments, moving company on Yelp

No one can write a negative Yelp review quite like former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham! Keep reading to catch up on Farrah’s Yelp oeuvre since she infamously called out Harvard for booting her from an online writing class. The reviews include three different apartment buildings, the boarder that was looking after Sophia’s miniature horse Starburst, and even the club that Farrah was arrested at earlier this year. 😂

TEEN MOM Shen explains Bar’s real name Bariki Elimu LockettSmith

The multiple arrests of Teen Mom dad Bar Smith have revealed something rather unexpected about the reality star: his name isn’t actually Bar Smith. Ashley Jones’ husband’s real name is Bariki Elimu LockettSmith, as evidenced by jail and court records. That is a pretty unique moniker, and certainly there must be a story behind it, right? Right! Bar’s mom, Shenandoah “Shen” Williams, posted an explanation for Bar’s real name in an Instagram story post — and it’s really something!