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UNEXPECTED Jenna Ronan’s bff Dalanie is viral ‘Romper Stomper’ porta potty brawler

TLC Unexpected mom Jenna Ronan’s best friend Dalanie might look familiar to a lot of fans, and not just because she is all over Jenna’s social media. Dalanie is known as the “Romper Stomper” after a video went viral late last year in which she gets into a brawl with two women in a porta potty!

Keep reading for all the crazy details, including the original video as well as Dalanie’s account of what happened!

PLATHVILLE Lydia Plath is moving out of state, Moriah Plath goes brunette

Welcome To Plathville sisters Lydia Plath and Moriah Plath shocked their social media followers this week in completely different ways. Moriah Plath revealed that she has abandoned her famous blonde hair, and Lydia Plath announced she is moving out of state!

Keep reading for all the latest, including some potential tea on the new season of Welcome To Plathville?