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Jailbirds New Orleans’ Harley Himber posed as Secret Service agent, tried to kidnap teen, then got naked and threw rocks. Plus a current update!

Find out all of the crazy details on the arrest of Jailbirds New Orleans inmate Harley Himber! It includes lying about working for the Secret Service, attempting to kidnap a boy and his mom, a car chase with multiple collisions, and naked rock throwing! Oh, and drugs of course. Plus, find out Harley’s current status — is she back behind bars?

90 DAY FIANCE Michael Jessen’s house in foreclosure, Juliana fuels break up rumors

It appears that one of the most unlikely happily ever afters from the 90 Day Fiance franchise may be unraveling. 90 Day Fiance Season 7 star Juliana Custodio strongly hinted on TikTok that she and her husband, Michael Jessen, have split. The video was posted just a couple months after foreclosure proceedings were filed on Michael’s $1.19 million house purchased in 2019.


NETFLIX JAILBIRDS Magen Hall murder charge details, trial update

The popular Netflix reality series Jailbirds is filmed on location in jails instead of prisons, and as a result, the inmates featured on the show generally aren’t facing lengthy sentences for serious crimes. That is not the case for Jailbirds New Orleans prisoner Magen Hall, who is currently awaiting trial for second degree murder, armed robbery, and obstruction of justice. Keep reading for details on the 2019 murder charge against Magen. Plus, get an update on her trial, which has been delayed numerous times.