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It’s been awhile since we got a formal update on My 600 Lb Life star Erica Wall. So what does Erica Wall look like now? And has she mended her relationship with her sister? Fortunately, we’ve got a slew of new pics of Erica, along with news of her and her family’s loving tribute to their mother.

What does Erica Wall look like now? Is she still healthy?

If we had to limit it to a single word, we’d say that My 600 Lb Life Season 5 star Erica Wall is still looking great. Every time we’ve checked in with Erica over the last few years, she seems to be feeling better than ever, and has definitely stuck with the good habits that helped make her weight loss story a success across two My 600 Lb Life episodes.

Erica began that journey at a peak weight of 661 pounds. She was also battling traumatic associations with weight loss procedures, having undergone a failed stomach stapling operation before she began working with Dr. Nowzaradan. But by the end of her My 600 Lb Life debut, Erica had lost a total of 190 pounds, undergone successful surgery courtesy of Dr. Now, and changed her overall outlook on life.

And, by the end of Erica’s 2018 Where Are They Now? episode, she’d dropped a further 100-plus pounds, for a total loss of nearly half her peak weight. In addition, Erica had rekindled her romance with paramour Jimmy — and, as we wrote in our last update on Erica, the couple’s romance is still going strong today.

But enough of the preamble: What does Erica Wall look like now? For starters, here’s a recent full-body shot of Erica alongside fellow My 600 Lb Life cast member and weight loss success story Charity Pierce:

What does Erica Wall look like now with Charity

For the very latest in Erica’s photos, though, we need to turn to Erica and her family’s aforementioned tribute to their deceased mother’s memory.

Erica Wall’s sister and family recently came together to honor their mother

It was in December of 2013, several years before My 600 Lb Life viewers met Erica, that her mother Linda Wall, passed away. Erica has since called her mother’s death “the most devastating and heartbreaking loss” her family “has ever had to endure.” Yet, despite the tragedy, and the family’s continuing grief, the Walls have been able to come together and turn the loss into a bittersweet celebration.

This past Thanksgiving, Erica, her sister, and plenty of her family members remembered their mother; then, just before Christmas, Erica shared photos of the event alongside a lengthy tribute. Here’s a pair of photos of Erica and her family, transposed with the tribute in its entirety:

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To my beautiful mom. It is December 19 2019 and it has now been 6 years today since you were tragically taken from us. It was and is the most devastating and heartbreaking loss we as a family have ever had to endure. With that being said, even among the flaws and faults of our own; we as your kids and your grandkids try to live our lives with all of the invaluable qualities and life lessons you have instilled in all of us. We try to honor you by having compassion, and empathy for others. By choosing love and forgiveness over anything else. By always having a kind heart because that is what truly makes a person beautiful. By never losing hope, and always trying to stay positive. By knowing that a smile and kindness mean everything in this world. By knowing the joy of laughter, sometimes laughing so hard you cry. We have so much to thank you for. So, mom, thank you.

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We know you are with us and watching over us always. You were always happiest when your beloved family was happy, and all together. These pictures were taken on Thanksgiving Day 2019. Even with the cold brisk air, the rain that turned to hail and back to rain again….we had the most wonderful and special Thanksgiving mom. All of your kids and grandkids were together. We were smiling the entire time. Lots of laughter. We had a feast fit for kings and we had a beautiful view of Cachuma lake nearby and the snow topped mountains directly beyond the lake….and we all kept warm around a huge blazing campfire that looked like a bonfire at times. It was truly a very special and wonderful day. Your family misses and loves you so very much mom. May you continue to Rest In Peace as you are an angel from above for all of us. We will carry on for you mom. Later Babe!
With all the love in my heart, love “your okie” aka Erica Lynn.

Erica hasn’t yet confirmed or disconfirmed her intent to film a second Where Are They Now? episode. You can revisit her two My 600 Lb Life episodes here and here on the show’s official site via TLC.

(Photo credits: What does Erica Wall look like now via Facebook)

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