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House Hunters throuple

JEZEBELIn case you were skeptical about the House Hunters throuple featured on an episode last week — no, the relationship wasn’t staged for TV, it’s real and it’s (apparently) spectacular. And HGTV has to be absolutely loving the DVR ratings for the episode right now (ICYMI: it’s called “Three’s Not a Crowd in Colorado Springs”)

CELEBITCHYJameela Jamil is still getting called out / investigated / maybe canceled (?) for appearing to embellish or at least fabricate some of her claims of ill health over the past few years. One person who isn’t hearing any of it is Jamil’s boyfriend, James Blake, who says she’s had “a difficult life” dealing with numerous ailments and has had to turn down multiple “huge, life-changing jobs” because of them. No matter how this story turns out, I am now extra excited to re-watch The Good Place with the knowledge that Jameela is more like Tahani than we all knew

REALITY TEAKim Richards forgot to drop Kyle a note informing her of the existence of Kim’s forthcoming tell-all, which apparently depicts Kim as “a whipping post of a sister”

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPTo anyone who took the under at “the length of a full-term pregnancy” for Krystal Nielson and Chris Randone’s Bachelor In Paradise-inspired marriage, collect your winnings

VOXIt’s nice enough that Jeff Bezos is donating $10 billion of his $130 billion fortune to fight climate change, but Amazon has done and will continue to do far more than $10 billion worth of damage to the world’s climate. So, upside-down-face emoji, I guess

DLISTEDAmber Rose’s boyfriend and baby daddy Alexander Edwards went ahead and got a face tattoo as well — it includes tributes to their son Slash, as well as to Bash, Amber’s son with Wiz Khalifa. And he left plenty of room for when he and Amber conceive Crash at some point in the future

GO FUG YOURSELF“Kerry Washington Looks Phenomenal on InStyle: ‘Color Us Happy’ is the perfect cover line for this, because the entire photo is vibrant. It pops. And it does so without ever overshadowing the most vibrant and poppy thing about it: Kerry Washington herself, who looks sultry and perfect. I love it so much and I would absolutely pick this up off a newsstand”

THE BLEMISHYes, Constance Wu really did work in a strip club for one night to prepare for her role in Hustlers. No word on whether she also preferred it to Fresh Off The Boat

LAINEY GOSSIPJodie Turner-Smith and Joshua Jackson are talking about moving to Canada to raise their soon-to-be-born child because the political situation in both his native America and her native England has “gone off the rails.” Also, I just found out that Canada has a holiday called Family Day, which seems really nice?

THE BLASTSharon Osbourne does indeed look great with white hair

(Photo credit: House Hunters throuple via HGTV)

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