LINKS Joe Gorga’s house flips, Princess Beatrice’s wedding reception, ModelLand mystery…

Joe Gorga's house flips 2

REALITY TEAIf you’re thinking that Joe Gorga’s house flips maybe seem a bit shady, you’re not alone. It seems at least one person has already called the RHONJ star for including a photo of her house in a montage of homes Joe claimed he’d flipped, saying that not only did Joe have nothing to do with the residence, but it hadn’t actually been flipped at all. Looks like you’ll have to find something better to do with that $297

CELEBITCHYSo, while Princess Beatrice will indeed get to have her wedding reception *at* Buckingham Palace, it turns out the reception won’t actually be inside the building. Per a new report, Beatrice and Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi’s May wedding will be capped off by a lovely party inside a “posh tent” in the Palace gardens

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPTyra Banks, who has been talking about starting a model-inspired theme park called ModelLand for over a year now, says she’s definitely going to open this thing this year. A few details remain, though, like what exactly ModelLand is supposed to be — and, also, why

JEZEBEL“If my grandmother were around to see some of the looks at this year’s BRIT Awards, she would be wondering why Ellie Goulding stole her table cloth, threw it over her body and called it a dress”

THE BLASTIn a new interview with the New York Times, Ben Affleck called his divorce from Jennifer Garner his “biggest regret,” which is not surprising; what is is that Ben didn’t immediately follow that with “Although Batman v Superman is a close second”

VOXThe good news is we still shouldn’t call coronavirus a pandemic. The bad news is the two questions scientists need to be able to answer about coronavirus in order to better understand and define it are really really scary

DLISTEDRIP Ja’net DuBois: the Good Times actress (and singer of “Movin’ On Up”) died in her sleep yesterday night at the age of 74

LAINEY GOSSIPIt’s always refreshing and a bit inspiring to see someone coming off an Oscar win go with even more hustle than they did before

GO FUG YOURSELFAnya Taylor-Joy does indeed look fantastic in this dress-and-coat combo, and she totally seems like “she’s in some kind of Sex and the City reboot,” but her features are so sharp and striking that I have the hardest time seeing her as anything but Thomasin from The Witch

THE BLEMISHIn more shady news: an organizer is trying to Fyre Festival an alleged concert in Brazil, but super duper alleged headliner Steve Aoki would like you to know that despite appearing on promotional materials he was never booked and won’t be there

(Photo credit: Joe Gorga’s house flips via Instagram)

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