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J-Lo and Shakira

CELEBITCHYSo J-Lo and Shakira put on an energetic and really fun Super Bowl halftime show that still somehow managed to ruffle a ton of feathers thanks to people still uncomfortable with grinding and pole dancing. (Surprisingly, J-Lo’s political undertones seemed to sneak right by almost everyone)

VOXThere was also the usual spate of celebrity- and pop culture reference-laden Super Bowl commercials, most of which were dull as hell. I actually really liked the HSN satire that Avocados From Mexico put together, because it’s always fun to see a mirror held up to an audience without the audience’s awareness. Facebook’s was garbage. What did you, the viewers at home, think?

DLISTEDOn a related note, Jason Momoa’s pre-Super Bowl Super Bowl commercial was even better than his Super Bowl commercial, which had people shrieking and covering their eyes in the living room where I watched

THE BLASTBack to the spectacle itself: Demi Lovato is getting rave reviews for both her rendition of the Star Spangled Banner and the all-white outfit she wore to perform it

THE BLEMISHOh right, a football game happened during all that as well. Kansas City won its first NFL championship in 50 years, but the wrong guy won the game’s MVP trophy

JEZEBELOh, and it was *also* Groundhog Day yesterday. (I forgot until after seeing Jeep’s commercial with Bill Murray.) Not-Punxsutawney-Phil did not see its shadow for the fifth year in a row, meaning winter is over and it’s okay to complain about how it’s so hot that you can’t wait for autumn to begin

REALITY TEAMeghan Edmonds does not need to express every thought

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPBringing Up Bates Star Carlin Bates Stewart Welcomes First Child with Husband Evan; Best Friend Joy Duggar Forsyth Responds”

LAINEY GOSSIPWorth the click for this sentence alone: “If January is a graveyard for unwanted movies, then Super Bowl weekend is an abandoned house on a dead-end road with a mysterious locked room in the basement and a garage full of nothing but rope and cyanide.”

GO FUG YOURSELF“Zendaya Once Again Looks Good In Something Confusing”

(Photo credit: J-Lo and Shakira via Fox / NFL)

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