News of the Bizarre

German woman decapitates lover during ‘kinky sex game,’ gets 12 years for manslaughter

A German woman known only as Gabriele P has been sentenced to 12 years in prison after decapitating her lover during what she claims was a “kinky sex game” in her Munich home. The crime actually took place nearly a decade ago, and was only discovered thanks to the drunken confession of Gabriele’s accomplice. According […]

MUG SHOT Florida man’s Big Penis Defense could get him off in murder trial

A Florida man’s Big Penis Defense could save him from a life sentence in the choking trial of his deceased girlfriend–but, according to the judge weighing the evidence, there could be one big catch. Richard Patterson, 65, of Margate FL, rose to viral infamy when his second-degree murder charge went to trial. Patterson is accused […]

PHOTO Kotex airs maxi pad ad using red liquid, nobody’s head explodes

I have endured the, ahem, full joys of womanhood for almost 20 years, and cannot ever recall having seen anything other than what looked like windshield wiper fluid being poured onto the maxi pads shilled in TV ads. Usually by some shiny haired, smiling woman dressed in white who happens to be mid-pirouette as she explains how much she <em>adores</em> her feminine hygiene products. (We all hate her, by the way. But we still subconsciously want to run out and buy whatever the hell she’s buying, natch.)

But suddenly, as I sat waiting for Nev Schulman to sniff out the truth behind sketchy Internet love connections (the reality-TV version of the truth, at least) on Catfish this week, MTV aired an ad showing a pinkish-red liquid being poured onto a period pad. If I had blinked, I would have missed it. But I didn’t blink. I saw it, and then I pressed re-wind on my DVR and saw it again…