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CELEBITCHYIf your head is still spinning from Meghan and Harry’s renunciation of royal duties and you’re looking to have Sussexit explained simply, you’ll want both this week’s People cover story and Celebitchy’s breakdown of why it’s significant. Also: come for the explainer; stay for the Dutchess Catherine shade

THE BLASTI get why there was such a sudden backlash against Vince Vaughn after he chummed up to the president at the LSU-Clemson game on Monday night, but also, Vince Vaughn appears to have been a semi-open Republican? Put your cancel energy where it can do the most good, people

DLISTEDBillie Eilish will become the youngest person ever to record the theme song for a James Bond movie when her contribution to No Time To Die drops in a couple of months. Maybe this will be the thing that gets Daniel Craig just the tiniest bit interested in promo before he bids Bond adieu for good

VOXStephen King said some contradictory things about the role of diversity in art, proving for the let’s say billionth time that while Twitter is not the place for nuanced discussion (unless you’re writing a thread), it’s the perfect venue for awkward about-faces after you get called out

JEZEBEL“The Bachelor’s ‘ChampagneGate’ Was a Master Class in Sadistic Producing”

GO FUG YOURSELFBilly Porter is now the first man to get himself an Allure cover; unsurprisingly, the feature is a standout

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPShameless Southern Charm stars Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis appear to be back together and Thomas’ excuse for the reason he and his ex are being spotted together is so weak he may as well have just confirmed the rumors instead

REALITY TEAIn other Southern Charm news, Craig Conover now has his own line of pillows and is hawking them on Home Shopping Network like nobody’s business

LAINEY GOSSIPThe upcoming Black Widow movie looks surprisingly complicated in terms of both plot and the cultural mechanics surrounding its creation and release

THE BLEMISHBy contrast, whatever this Jared Leto thing is supposed to be looks…not that

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