EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS Chay Guillory married: My 600 Lb Life star ties the knot in quiet ceremony

Chay Guillory married

We’ve got a wonderful update on My 600 Lb Life star Chay Guillory, who is no longer just engaged to her fiancé Patrick. That’s right — Starcasm can exclusively report the news of Chay Guillory married, following her and Patrick’s quiet ceremony this past weekend!

In case you hadn’t heard about the new love in Chay’s life, here’s a quick update. Last summer, we broke the story that Chay had gotten engaged to the man she’d been seeing for some time. Chay revealed her engagement to Patrick by posting a photo of her hand and the new diamond ring she was sporting. The caption was just as straightforward: “I said yes.” (At the time, Chay asked us to not publish a photo of herself with Patrick, explaining that “he’s pretty private.”)

The Chay Guillory married news came in similar fashion. Late Sunday, Chay posted the photo of herself at the top of the article. If the white bridal gown and pearl necklace weren’t enough of a clue, here’s Chay’s caption for that pic: “Did a thing. Got married.”

Judging by the hundreds of congratulatory comments on Chay’s reveal posts, it looks like the happy couple is still receiving tons of “love and support surrounding” their good news. Following their engagement news, Chay wrote that she and Patrick were blown away by the good wishes they’d received, adding “It means so much to us….God bless all of you, and once again thank you abundantly.”

Among those offering congratulations are some of Chay’s My 600 Lb Life co-stars. Fellow cast members Nikki Webster — who has also gotten married since filming her last episode — and Brittani Fulfer wrote happy notes for Chay. Nikki was blown away by the news, writing, “Whaaa??! SO HAPPY FOR YOU TWO!! ❤️❤️❤️ You look beautiful. ?? YAY LOVE!!!”

Brittani chimed in soon after, writing, “Ohhh congratulations! You look beautiful! Love you!”

On a related note, it looks like Chay has changed her name once more. She appears to have taken Patrick’s last name, and is now Chay Mulvey on at least one social media platform. Just to keep things straight, we’ll point out that while Chay announced in her Where Are They Now? episode that she would be going by “Lola,” Chay later explained that she decided to stick with her original given name.

“I live my entire life, 24/7, as a woman,” Chay said. “Because that’s what I am. I’m known as ‘Miss Chay’….Once people started calling me [Lola], I realized I don’t like it so much for myself. So I decided to just keep my regular name, ‘Chay.’”

Congratulations to Chay and Patrick on their marriage! We haven’t yet heard tell of whether Chay has been filming another follow-up episode — and, thus, whether we’ll get an official, TLC-ified look at her and Patrick’s engagement and wedding ceremony. (Judging by what Chay told us about Patrick, though, we doubt it.)

You can offer Chay your own congratulations on social media. And you can stream her latest My 600 Lb Life episode here, via TLC.

(Photo credits: Chay Guillory married via Instagram, Facebook)

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