Gina from My 600 Lb Life allegedly starred in a series of BBW adult videos

Gina from My 600 Lb Life

My 600 Lb Life might not have been the first time on camera for the show’s newest cast member. Gina Krasley, whose episode just debuted this week, has allegedly starred in a series of adult videos in the BBW category. And while she wouldn’t be the first of the show’s cast members to feature as a Big Beautiful Woman, the potential footage of Gina from My 600 Lb Life also includes other fetish footage.

Before going any further, we should restate that these videos only allegedly star Gina. The woman in the clips sounds identical to and looks very much like Gina from My 600 Lb Life (including Gina’s glasses and hairstyle) we haven’t yet been able to get a confirmation or a denial from Gina herself. Not long after her episode first aired, Gina — who had been highly active across social media, including two separate YouTube channels — deleted all of her public pages, and with it all of her contact information.

We can’t embed any of the clips in question, nor can we share any screencaps. Noted adult site P0rnhub currently hosts at least five videos starring Gina, who uses the alias “Miss GG.” The titles of all five feature the abbreviation “SSBBW,” or “Super-Sized Big Beautiful Woman.” In most of the clips, Gina is alone; however, in one of them, she gets a bath from someone claiming to be her sister. In another, Gina is with a woman who stays entirely off-camera except for her arm.

It’s in the introduction to the latter clip that Gina promises to do something she’s “never done before” in her “store,” suggesting that at least some of the footage was generated for a specific site. That would jive with the content of the shortest clip, which features Gina and the woman who purported to be her sister in the bathing video popping beach balls on an unidentified man’s chest while he’s prone on the floor of a living room.

As we mentioned above, Gina would not be the first My 600 Lb Life cast member to star in adult films. Season 2’s Pauline Potter received mainstream attention for her work in the BBW genre years before My 600 Lb Life was even a show. And Season 6 star Renee Biran was also known as “Massive Mocha” during her time in the field.

We’re still trying to reach Gina regarding the above allegations, which appear to be making the rounds in a number of My 600 Lb Life groups both private and public. If you know how to get in touch with Gina directly, get in touch.

Additionally, Gina’s My 600 Lb Life debut is now available for streaming.

(Photo credit: Gina from My 600 Lb Life via TLC)

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