Did Kim Kardashian get plastic surgery? Before and after photos


Kim Kardashian has a strikingly pretty face to compliment her famously curvy body, and although she’s denied plastic surgery rumors her face looks much different than it did just a few years ago.

Another photo of Kim when she was young (far right)

Here she is back when she was known as a “celebrity stylist” attending the William Rast Spring 2007 ‘Street Sexy’ fashion show at Social Hollywood on October 17, 2006 in Los Angeles, California. (To those who are skeptical, this is most definitely Kim Kardashian circa 2006):


Her nose is distinctly different now. The rest of the changes can be attributed to better skin care and makeup techniques, but her sniffer is definitely looking slimmer and more shapely these days. You can’t attribute that to anti-cellulite treatments and QuickTrim. In the after picture from earlier this month, it looks like her lips are injection-free, which is certainly the better way to go. Why go duckface when you have full, bow-shaped lips?

Although Kim denies having any “surgery” her ex husband Damon Thomas claimed that his ex-wife has had “extensive” plastic surgery, including a boob job, and liposuction. Kim hasn’t denied the liposuction, and the divorce papers that leaked claimed that Damon, who was reportedly physically abusive, forced her to have the invasive procedure done.

Kim has also had Botox on camera, and had her cellulite treated with VelaShape, but her bottom usually looks pretty real in pictures. Some claim she’s had butt implants, but she got her booty x-rayed for an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians to prove those rumors wrong.

Below are the pics side by side for comparison:


A YouTube video with more comparisons:

Recently people have been wondering if the professional celebrity has had any other work done. Maybe nothing invasive, but she may have had some sort of “liquid facelift” (which involves injectables like Restylane to fill in parts of the face.) Combined with Botox, it can create a wrinkle-free look, but may change the shape and look of the face.

Here’s a photo from April 14, 2011:

More before and after photos:

kimkardashianbeforeandafter kimkardashianbeforeandafter2

UPDATE: As of March 2012 Kim Kardashians is currently suing a Mexican plastic surgery business for using her as the face of plastic surgery on a billboard.

UPDATE 2: In early 2013, while Kim was pregnant with her first baby, there were rampant rumors that Kim was having plastic surgery while pregnant. Kim’s mother Kris Jenner denied these rumors.

UPDATE 3: In 2014 Kim Kardashian posted the below #throwbackThursday photo to social media, stirring up the plastic surgery controversy all over again:

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 1.22.07 AM Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 1.14.15 AM

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171 thoughts on “Did Kim Kardashian get plastic surgery? Before and after photos

  1. Hi I agree she has a shorter tip and a slimmer nose. Her lips appear to have less injectable material. Her hairline is now raised, coronal browlift. Her nasolabial folds are gone, mini facelift. She has silicone cheek implants, as the outline of her face has (not) magically become wider and more contoured. He face is stunning, she had a very skilled surgeon.

  2. very pretty, but all fake. she looked like her brother before. and a witch too! I agree with EVMD. definitely a facelift and a forehead lift and those cheek implants for sure. fake breasts and fake a$$ too.

  3. Goshhhhh….WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY…….why….why whyyyyy…whats wrong wid these ppl….she looked SOOO MUCH prettier b4….

  4. actually i think its all in the work of her make up artist, good make up, fillers and botox.. her skin seems flawless so that could be some microdermabrasion and chemical peels .. under her eyes are so smooth no more bags or hollowness so shes most likley has had some kind of filler ingected.. her eyebrows have been waxed differently, more rounded and a better shape for her face. her eye make up is done so beautifully it really compliments her eyes unlike earlier she had alot of heavy black make up and she was really fake baked.. her nose diference might be a lil more then just make up shadowing.. but she is an actress and all actresses have to look there best to stay in the spotlight.. there jobs are basiclly to look good and be toned .. i think all the stars get some sort of ‘tweeking’ at some point in their career..seriously, what star hasnt had a nose job, lip fillers and breast implants??? may be if we, society, didnt judge the people on our screens so harshly,they wouldnt be so hard on themselves to look so perfect for us..

    I don’t think people realise how much make up can change a persons face. i have a huge huge nose. if i put like 5 layers of make up and concealer on it, its looks 10x smaller. shes had no botox here. her eyebrows have been shaped differently. her eye make up is different, making her nose look shapely and her eyes wider. her lips are the same. i have huge lips and its not because of any injections. people are lucky and born with great lips. also, maybe she started using a great moisturizer. i know that if i didnt use moisterizer, i’d look like a dried up prune. her face on the left has obvisously been faked tanned before applying a darker make up than her recent.

  6. I don’t see it!! These are two totally different pictures, the lighting, the smile, which makes her nose go downwards in the first pic and look bigger, the makeup is totally different too, the eyebrows are plucked more, she’s lost weight and that makes can make our faces more angular, even I can see how different my face looks in different pictures and angles, so I’ll give Kim the benefit of the doubt until I find a more convincing picture. I gotta say though that I don’t find it dumb to have cosmetic surgery done, it’s just that I don’t think she’s had it done by the look in these pics.

  7. Wow-none of these Kardashians are even pretty. Everything they have is fake, fake nose, fake a$$. They have no talent, no education, no culture. A bunch of glorified prostitutes. Poor Bruce Jenner, has his kids seen their big sister sucking away. Nothing but pigs!

    1. Wow Mike. Can’t wait till you become a celebrity and have ppl scrutinize and critisize everything you do for no apparent reason and label you a jerk and sleaze simply cause you’re famous. Either you’re a moron or you know these ladies up close and personal and have had personal encounters with them. Maybe if you’re daughter is famous other ‘Mikes’ will label her a wh**e so they can sound cool and try to be funny.

      1. It doesn’t sound like he’s trying to be funny, it sounds like he has an opinion and you’re telling him that his opinion is wrong. Who’s the moron now? These girls do everything they can to stay in the public eye, yet the public isn’t allowed to have an opinion of them? Grow up.

          1. Yuu Must Be Blind!
            I Agree Withh Slice!

            Andd They Are Nothing But Makeup And Ad-Ons
            They Are Ugly With Horrible Skinn.
            No Talenttt.
            No Brains.
            No Beauty.
            Plastic Over Fake?
            All MakeUp?
            Is That Really Beautyy??

  8. some girls did a video on Youtube that has way better pictures…..and then u can see its TOTALLY obvious.

    its just annoying that kim denies it when its clear she has changed.

    if you search “kim kardashian plastic surgery” on Youtube the video should come up.

  9. oh PLEASE u guys are so easy 2 manipulate.. it just looks like she was CLEARLY squinting her nose by the face she is making duuuhhh.

  10. I can understand when are stupid not to know better but i’m tired of woman letting the media tell ppl how they should look! Obviously Kims style has changed! Before she had pro makeup artists she was doing it herself, and doing it the pornstar way. Now that she’s a celeb she opted for a classier more hollywood look. Ladies speak up!!! You know how differnt your face is when you lose or put on weight!

  11. very very fake. why is she famous? I wouldnt do her w my friends d+ck. she clearly has had work done but why the facelift and cheek implants? arent those for like older people. isn’t she thirty? i heard she has four butt implants one for the top and the oter for outer projection.weird.

  12. our you people actually stupid….thats not even kim
    lol, it don’t even look like her, its a totally diffrent person, i’ve seen her before in something

    1. no that isnt a different person lol, are you crazy? thats kim she does look different look at her before pictures when she started to become famous.. i swear she has a different face !!!! i swear.. her nose was NOT like that before if you see here before pictures.. now its more straighten and long.. how did that extra skin on her nose go away? and got a slight pontier…. this is surgery people.. wether she wants to admit it or not.. shes still gorgeous though.. her whole family i bet has gotten surgery too.. Bruce.. & probably even kims mom.. have u seen her? no wrinkles !.. kourtney has breast inplants.. so the chances are plastic surgery.. her lips look different too.. sometimes they look fullerr… but idk about tht.. i do know her face looks different .. i followed this girl since she became famous.. she looks different !!!

    2. you SSOOOOOO iuncredible sTUUUPID if you think thats not her! if ur so obssessed with her then why dont u know its her! do your research befor posting comments thats her you dip sh!ts!

  13. HOLY F*** HER CHINS look differnt!i didnt notice that! she claims to have gained weight.LMAO

  14. Here are the cosmetic procedures Ms. Kim has had:
    1: rhinoplasty (nose refinement)
    2: **Brazilian Butt lift (fat transferring)
    3: Cheek implants
    4: Breast augmentation

    Her lips are real. **So, in essence, she is not lying when she denies having had butt implants

  15. I NEW IT !!!(*o*) HA HA HA mwoaaahahahahaha OK enough back to civilized me shame I must suck being fake ur not beautiful if you don’t have natural beauty so stick to the look GOD gave you and to him and other people your the most beautiful creature ever created (^^,)

  16. I think she looked better the way she was before and much younger…but hey whatever floats your boat?? Plus i dnt think her old nose was ugly she had a cute little nose 🙁 i still love you kim…dnt do anymore experiments to your face plz!!!

  17. OMG!!! Soooo obvious she had a nose job, I wonder why she continues to deny it, or should I say lie about it. We all know she’s a habitual liar

    1. Umm yah.. that is Kim BEFORE her plastic surgery on the left. That’s why you don’t think its her.

  18. Their father had a big (wide) nose, also Rob and the other 2 sisters.

    You can see that she had fixed het nose. I don’t know why she’s lying about it.

    1. Um…to Steph11- YES THAT IS KIM ON THE LEFT- are you retarded???
      WHY DOES SHE DENY IT? people are not stupid!!!

  19. All of you do notice the different angles in the pictures, right? Also, the lighting is different in both & obviously her makeup job as well.

    I’d also bet that the one on the right has been slightly touched up digitally (ie: Photoshop or some other like software)…

    Seriously, don’t be deceived by the awesomeness deceptiveness that is photography.

  20. It looks like she did
    Armenians have large noses, i would know because i am one. But i think she looks great either way.

    1. Dear Paige,
      Surprised at your stereotypical comment, yet again, your generalizing a group of people that have a distinct look, not all Armenians have large noses….!!

      I should know because I’m Armenian too, and don’t have a large nose:)

  21. I don’t get it how people think shes so beautiful. I think shes fgn ugly!!! Shes a F.A.K.E! I have to admit she does look pretty with makeup on but without?! Well all of that is in my opinion!:p All of the Kardashians get on my last nerves but their funny ass hell!

  22. All this talk , if she did or if she didn’t!! WHO cares. Does it affect you or ur life what she does or doesn’t do!! Everybody is entitled to an opinion. If u think she’s pretty or not plastic surgery or not. Its not u or ur life. Worry about urself and ur own life. That’s why they make tons of money of of us.we pay so much attention to what they r doing. They wouldn’t have their own show if it wasn’t for her father being a lawyer on one of the most infamous murder cases of the twenty century. They were blessed to be donned w all the money and attention that’s us idiots give to her and her family. There are a ton of beautiful ppl out there who r just as beautiful w gorgeous bodies but who do not have famous parents or an opprotunity to have their own reality show. So ppl enjoy ur own lives and stop caring about the kardashian sisters. We fight over them why they get richer!

  23. Yhu Guys Are FKCNNN Stupid , She Didnt Got A Nose Job ! Aha Its Her Makeup And The Picture , Yall Trippen Over Kim , Shes Just A Fkcn Celebertie , Man There Are Acttualy More Beaty- Full Women Out There , And Who Are Natrually Pretty T00 Aha , And She Does Look Ugly With Out Makeup No Disrepect Im Just Beinq Honest , Aha But yea i Guess Yhu Can Call Her Pretty , WITH MAKEUP ! Aha , Well Nope No Plastic Surgery On Nose , But Her Butt Looks Hekcaa Fake Baha i Dont Think It Is . Well im Out . Dont Even Know Why im Here , Oh Its My Sister , She HAtes Kim . Ahh Watverrr Byeeeeeeeeee .





  25. i love kim k she is great but did you know that she wanted to look like J.LO??? she is upsess with her she said it a few times.. but i love kim and her sisters how close they are to eachother reminds me of my sis and I. Love You Kim!!!

  26. I don’t know about her hump, but it looks like the tip was worked on. It used to hang down a little. The nostrils also look different, but it could be because the tip doesn’t hang as low.

  27. i like kim i don’t think she’s a good role model channel e is a good channel i love it and the show i got her prefume to me lauren conrad is my role model and everybody has their onw opion

  28. kim is nothing but fake. she should just admit that she’s had tons of work done. it’s so obvious. everything about her is fake.

    1. girl you are super true. kim is a fake, she saying that her ex husband forced her to get her lips done, whatever she just wants the spotlight for herself. I HATE HER SO MUCH.

      1. All ya are is a bunch of PATHETIC HATERS!!! dont be mad because Kim looks and has more money than all of ya put together..

  29. This girl is famous for no reason … She has made a sex tape and posted on playboy and she really likes the money!

    1. well kim is beuattiful and has nice face before the plastic surgery , she was and still sooo lovely and sweet ,
      i love her soo much

      1. Beware of Kim Kardashian paid handlers coming on boards like these to pretend to be lovers of Kim Kardashian. They are paid to write nice things about her.

        Get off the boards you fake posters. What are paid minimum wage to sy nice things about fake face, face tits face nose Kardashian?

  30. Kim HAS had Plastic Surgery..pfff why doesn’t she just admit that she wanted to look like a darker version of a Barbie doll. No one is that perfect without surgery.. c’mon..she had her lips reshaped and her nose lifted and shaved on the tip.. I hate it when celebrities are so VAIN that they try to pull it off as natural when We know better. It makes me sick. She also works hard on her voice and the way she speaks and carries herself.. you can tell lots of practice.. to seem like a vixen. And she’s probably totally different when the cameras aren’t rolling. Daddy had the fame and money to start with she picked up where he left off.( I know he’s passed, God Rest His Soul) but she had a head start in the public eye and then given a reason for what she’s done.. lol. oh well, what some of us wouldn’t have done if we were in her shoes.. lol. speaking of shoes.. is her line called ShoeDazzle shoes.. something to that effect..Just come clean Kim, we don’t care.. hon..(:^) p.s. she looked alot like Kourtney before..


  32. Well, it doesn’t matter if Kim Kardashian had surgery or not, she is beautiful anyway. You people just need to stop hating on her. You know damn well if you had the money you would get work done too. Everyone sees something wrong with their body. I love all the Kardashian dolls whether any of them had work done or not. Its none of your business anyway, so shut up, stop hating, and find a different hobby.

  33. She did not, if you actaully watch her show you’d know that there are always video montages with her and her sisters when they were children and they all look exactly the same as they do now… maybe just a little more grown up

    1. I totally aqree with you !!! She nevaaa has qotten plastic surgery,her butt is natural look at khloe butt its soooo biq.The kardashian look the same as before they are just qettinq older

      1. Are you kidding me? Theyve never had plastic surgery? HAve you wacthed the show when it first started? Her nose is a lot smaller and she has fat injections. Her sister Kourtney admited to having her boobs done too. Dont say they havent when you dont even know the facts.

    2. umm no! she obiously had work done on her face. if you dont think so your stupid. and fyi her butt has fat injections in it its not natural! that whole family has gotten work done so dont be a fool

    1. Good eyes. It was slight but she did. Gravity takes a toll. She was young and it wasn’t bad but she wanted the ‘perfect’ face. She looks fine but not natural!

    2. She absolutely had nose and chin work done, as well as fat injections to her cheek area and definitely a brow lift. I’ve had work done by a great Beverly Hills surgeon–likely hers, who corrected a badly repaired nose with multiple fractures and several prior botched jobs, and I wish I’d gone to him years ago. In addition, I had fat injections to my cheeks, which he recommended, and the difference is, frankly, amazing and a brow lift. (I was in my late 50s and job hunting and figured I was getting my nose repaired anyway, so why not go for it. Eight years later I still am totally gratefu to Dr. E.) Anyway, I’ve had enough surgery and done enough research to recognize in a heartbeat when someone’s had work done, as well as being an RN, MBA with many years in healthcare.

      I had a male medical student housemate way back who looked like he had a nose job, but he denied it. I met his sister and mother, who had the same nose, and figured it was just a familial nose that looked like it might have been done. His best friend told me later, ‘are you kidding? They all went to the same surgeon on the same day.’ If you look at KK’s chin in her little sex video, the few frames shown on TV, her chin really projects forward, although she was smart enough to avoid profile shots before her work. You can see the difference in length and projection right now. Also, those persons who think the difference is ‘aging’ know zip. Noses get longer and larger with age–they also change a bit with weight loss or gain, looking sharper or softer, but they don’t get smaller or shorter, for G’s sake. Do some homework.

  34. her nose and chin have both been done the nose in fact gets longer with age not shorter and more turned up. and her chin is smaller now. she is just another over rated face

      1. the show is meant to sell the kardashian family.. obviously they are going to make it seem as though none of them have gone under the knife. They choose what airs and what doesnt, they wouldnt make themselves look stupid and fake! She has had work done and she is using the show to make it seem like its natural.. as would anyone that has had plastic surgery. Its hollywood and thats the fad now a days even new stars(J-woww) are going under the knife to keep up with everyone else.. it’s all about looking sexy.

    1. Of course she had a nose job. Her nose doesnt go with her face – it diverts from her beauty. I knew that before I saw the “before.” It is so obvious to anyone with aesthetic sensibilities. The nose does not “relax” into the rest of the face – it has a tight thinned and pressed look. Might as well hang a sign on it: I try too hard. Too bad because I like looking at beautiful women. She just looks fake.

      1. By the way… She is famous … why?

        I ignore her. Never watched the family show or focused on any of them but for one time, partially, recently – the sister’s wedding. But “news” of her keeps intruding on websites, tv, magazines, etc. I finally decided to check out the plastic surgery scoop after just seeing a TV ad with her and Kelly Rippa. (Another useless, annoying no-talent celebrity I am happy to avoid) I tried to see her beauty but, as always, the bad nose got in the way, so I decided to see what’s been said.

        Check √

        Having googled her I see she admires Marilyn. MM had some discreet plastic surgery… a bit of a chin reduction and nose shortening. She had an artist of a surgeon – what he did totally went with her face. There is no distraction – no tightness or sense of artifice. KK has a different ethnic background… the shrunken nose looks alien on her. They cluelessly go for “perfect” and end up looking perfect-ly fake. They ruin the beauty that is theirs.

  35. ok michael jackson you didnt have any surgery kim. just because your whole damn family is so stupid it doesnt mean all of us are.

  36. To those stupid people:

    Simply observe the photo’s angles, the to photo is looking slightly downward which means her head is tilted upward thus making the nose angle upward(I do guess that she did have a minor nose job). At the same time the top photo is smiling with the jaw ajared which make the jaw line lower,longer and the face pointer! I am not a fan of this no talent and not so pretty woman without the war paint, and I wonder how that thunder butt will fare later on in a few years…

    1. Kerrin-on both pictures there is a mole in the same place! Clear evidence that both pictures are infact of Kim.

  37. omg the woman on the left is sooo her!! look at her eyes…and also she has a weird looking scar on her forehead and its there in both piks…and her hair line.and birthmarks!!

  38. Kerrin, you’re a f**king idiot. The person to the left is her. She looks like that in all her older pics.

  39. Are you guys blind? 2 completely different angles. One is her looking more down and the other is more up. OF COURSE the nose will look different!! There was never any surgery done. Botox…maybe. She’s less tan now, got her brows reshaped/waxed different, and uses shadows and highlights to have the light bounce off differently. You guys are SO GULLIBLE! You want to believe she had surgery b/c you’re haters. Some people are naturally pretty you know?!

    1. really? come on now, who’s gullible….a dumb fan of a talentless hack who will believe anything she spits at them, or the rest of the world for seeing through her bullshit? yes, you’re right, its the magical make-up that only kim kardashian has access to…idiot.

  40. I am 30 years old, look 45 years old, and act like a vain and self-obsessed 13-year old. My body is full of plastic parts and my b00bs, a$$, lips, cheeks, hair, lipo-ed body, and chin are all bought and paid for, courtesy of a plastic surgeon. I am also jealous of Paris Hilton and put out a SEX T@PE because she did. I idolize Paris Hilton. My mother and sisters are wh0res like me and I am a total and utter disgrace to my dead father, who was a lawyer. Whenever my mouth is moving, I am lying as I am INCAPABLE of telling the truth about anything. I LIED about my SEX TAPE, NOT HAVING A NOSE JOB, THE TON OF BOTOX THAT I GET STUCK IN MY FACE EVERY OTHER DAY, AND ALL OF THE OTHER PLASTIC SURGERIES THAT I’VE GOTTEN TO MY FACE AND BODY OVER THE YEARS. I pretend that if I lie about things, people will eventually believe it. I was so desperate for fame that I deliberately talked my ex-boyfriend into doing a sex tape with me where he bangs me hard in my a$$ hole and pees on my plastic face. Although I pretended to be upset by the sex tape, I was the one that sent it to Vivid Entertainment, and they paid me $5 million dollars to expose my n@sty self. Ray J had nothing to do with the leaked sex tape. I was the one that sent it to Vivid Entertainment. I exploit my FAKE body all of the time because I lack intelligence, class, dignity, self-respect, elegance, and morals. I am a very dirty woman and all of the men that have f@cked AND dumped me make fun of my FAKE body to everyone, including the new women in their lives. I desperately want to get married and have children, but no man with CLASS would be remotely associated with me. I even tried to put public pressure on Reggie….telling the public that we would get married. But deep down, I knew better. After Reggie would sex me, he would not call me OR answer my calls until he wanted to put his d!ck up my a$$ hole and pee on my face. I KNEW that Reggie was with other women, but I was too stupid to accept this fact and move on. Now, Reggie and too many men to count have dumped me! Obviously, they don’t think that I’m WORTH keeping!!!! Boy, am I a fool! I am old now and it’s just so hard for me to accept the fact that everyone KNOWS that I am trash. Instead of doing something productive with my life, my family and I think that if we just talk about how rich we are or call people who tell the truth about us haters, jealous, ugly, fat, obsessed, or losers, the pain that we feel from having empty lives will go away. But it doesn’t because we know that they are telling THE TRUTH about me and my sorry a$$ freakish family. In fact, the pain in my heart just gets bigger and bigger each day…especially when I look at my plastic face in the mirror, know that I am old, and see how disgusted the public is with me and my sorry a$$ self. Too many rich men have sexed me and peed on my face but NOT ONE of them think enough of me to marry me. They just want to ram my a$$ hole and pee on my face and leave. Even my ex, Damon Thomas has moved on to a beautiful classy woman and he has PUBLICLY called me untalented, a trashy wh0re, desperate, a plastic surgery addict, a backstabber (to my family) and a cheater. I also love to flaunt my fake a$$ because it’s my calling card for any rich Black man that wants to ram my a$$ hole hard and move on! Evan Ross, Marquis Houston, Scott Storch, Fabolous, The Game, Nick Cannon, Nick Lachey, Tyson Beckford, Ray J, Reggie Bush, Christiano, Miles Austin, AND Kanye West are just a FEW of the men that have ALL f@cked, peed on, AND dumped me because they know that I am trash that brings their reputations down to the gutter with mine. The bottom line is that I am NOT worth keeping because I am unattractive, stupid, and a sl@t. I am pathetic plastic and am terribly insecure that there are tons of women in the world that are younger, beautiful, intelligent, classy, elegant, and respectable. I am none of those things, am a national joke, smell like p!ss and HAVE A TOTALLY RIPPED A$$ HOLE FROM MY A N A L SEX TAPE. Who Am I?

    1. you obviosly have no life, if you just sat here & wrote all of that. i find it funny because all those things that you think are true about kim kardashian that you just wrote, are probably more true about yourself then they are her. so grow the f**k up, and stop writing **t like that, because first of all: you don’t know a thing about kim kardashian, just other things people say about her, second of all: your just a little, insecure, dumb b***h to write abunch of bad stuff about someone else you don’t know and 3rd of all, you probably think your the s**t, because you just wrote all of that, when you just keep repeating yourself over and over again (got kinda old and annoying as f**k) and you are so f**king immature to do something as that. grow the f**k up and getting a f**king life. go make something of yourself, just because you don’t have what kim kardashian has, or just because you grew up in a living hell, doesn’t mean you have the right to do that

      1. Lol.. you people that look up to and defend Kim K. are a trip. Obviously a a lack of good parenting that has left you to idolize the c*m guzzlers of the world. All of that is true, and we know it’s true because it was aired on television all the time. We’ve seen it with our own eyes and just because you don’t know what a self respecting productive member of society is doesn’t mean it’s not all true. Your opinion isn’t credible anyways. You know who my idol is? Michio Kaku; a physicist. Your idol is an aspiring porn star. I pitty your utterly low intelligence level.

    2. clearly your a low life and its nice to know you watched the first 5 seasons of keeping up with the kardashians so instead of hating on her family at least look at your own life you just looked like a stupid girl writting all that down wow you really have a life And o yeah by you wriiting this it doesnt matter to her cause she will always be kim kardashian humphries who everybody knows makes atleast 6 million a year and your whole lifetime is as much compared to what she makes a week so keeping hating<3

    3. My god! TMI!

      I think you just filled me in on everything I didnt want to know about this latest piece of societal dreck. I have avoided her and her clan, but lately, what with too many magazines lying around in dentist/physical therapy offices, ads on tv, website intrusion… you cant avoid this greedy troupe of exhibitionists – this grabby family. They really cant be blamed though… the public is stupid and shallow enough to clamor for them. This I know because they are getting harder and harder to ignore, ie, more and more popular.

      QUESTION: Why is it that real p0rn stars arent allowed to frolick with “nice” society but these p0rn dabblers are – despite the lack of talent? (Paris H, KK and Pam A, to name a few … although Pam is such a great champion for animals, I hate to put her in this mix…)

    4. I don’t care what defense anyone tries to come up with for what you said. You’re obviously right and I couldn’t have said it better myself.

      Well done!

      1. haha you forgot to mention the herpes. North probably got it going through the birth hole if she didn’t hit the sides (possible since it has seen so much action.) You know that ho has diseases.

    5. She didn’t get her boobs done though there’s a picture of her when she was 15 and she was an c cup so my guesses are that its puberty and its called makeup lots and lots of makeup. How come when it’s Marilyn Monroe it’s makeup even though there are X-rays that prove she had surgery? And lol you don’t know shit

      1. Marilyn Monroe did have surgery and that is a well known fact. I dont know if she openly denied it, but it does help if you own up to things persented…

  41. She totally had tip done. Not angle of pic. I think she had veneers too. I’m not hating though, she looks great!

  42. that pict is not even her left is not her idiots!! even if it was you need to compare picts with the same angle like victoria and other ppl are saying.. not picts with 2 completly diff angles…. and who the hell cares if she gets a friggin nose job or not…

  43. she didnt have work done on her nose, it’s just the angle of the camera, you can totally tell because in the first one, its a downward angle, therefore makin her nose look longer & pointing down. In the second picture it’s completey vice-versa. And it’s really obvious, so all of you on here that are saying she got work done, youre all dumb!

  44. oh cmon you guys are such haters. talking crap aint gna do anything. shes hella slick trust me on that. she always gets what she wants. she makes money like no tomorrow and if she edits her body. heyy she still f**kn fine. so u losers get a better hobby and stop dissing the KARDASHIANS.

    1. Same here. It is a blown up shot, not the best, but if you have any sense of aesthetics you will like the old look better. I’m sure there are more flattering ones of her at that time.

      Like Cher, she traded her beauty for fake. I liked Cher’s old nose, real lips and crooked teeth… she has the same dark middle eastern look as this KK chick… She was sexy and uniquely beautiful before she had “insecure woman’s surgery.” That is what their surgeons should brand the work with when their done. That is what I see when I see them: “I am insecure.”

      But damn, I like Cher. She at least has talent. She gave us something real and valuable.

      Sadly, she plastified herself right out of the running for any roles in movies. All she could play now are weird “character” parts. Big waste of her acting talent. At least this one, KK, has nothing to waste in that department. There’s no diamond in the rough. Just zirconium. Maybe that’s why she needs that giant bling thing… a feeble attempt to compensate.

  45. ok u ppl hav 2 stop i do no some websites that ppl can change their faces but kim k didnt get any surgery lots of ppl hate on her becuz she beatiful,no reason 2 hate on her and make up rumors about her face and body.

  46. she def got surgery. she used to be gorgeous and unique looking. now she looks exactly like her mom. eye lift and nose job. and too much makeup as usual. but her job is to be gorgeous, so you cant even blame her for all the beauty shit she does

  47. She had her nose done! angel doesn’t not matter, look at the bridge. Not so pretty before.


  49. To “who am I?”: It’s called Karma, and it’s coming to bite you in ur A$$. You don’t know her personally so don’t make up things or judge her worth or chatacter. She’s a nice person… And whether she did or didn’t get anything done is none of your damn business. She’s pretty, get over it.

  50. Do people not have eyes? She has obviously had a nose job! Other photos from several years ago further confirm that. Even with photographic evidence, people refuse to accept the truth. It just goes to show you that people will believe whatever they want, regardless of reality. In any case, I don’t judge Kim for having had rhinoplasty. I’ve had plastic surgery, too, and I think it’s a personal choice that others shouldn’t judge.

      1. a ty dura. armyane s turkami nameshalisj potomu i estj takie temnye. a kardashan-niskozhopaja srmjanka da i

  51. i think in my opinion that shes just aged, cos if you look at kim and her mum kris they look a hell of a lot alike, I know Kim,s probably had her nose done but i think thats the only thing shes had done to her face

  52. and her b00bs are real, cos at 14 it would have been illegal for her to have a b00b job, and at 14 your still growing, im 16 and im still growing

    1. She was not 14 in the before picture. She was born in 1980. The before picture is from 2006. So she was actually 25 or 26. Your appearance does not change that much from 26-33. I think she looked so much prettier originally. I liked her natural ethnic appearance. Plastic surgery is so obvious when people get it. And I actually liked KK and her family until the whole Kris Humphries incident. He was a nice guy who loved her and she just threw it away. Her skin does look better now, but her first nose and butt were much more attractive even if not considered ideal.

  53. I think she has had a brow lift, nose job and somethng like implants or injections to make her cheeks appear fuller.

    1. I agree with you. There are alot of celebrities that have surgeries and we may not realize. They want that hollywod look and have the money. Kim doesn’t looks bad, she looks GOOD, BUT it just gets annoying for her to always lie about it. She claims she doesn’t do any surgery, but yet had botox injected in her face on the show! She also claims to not drink, but have shows where she is drunk. Personality and Dignity should go along with looks in my opinion.

  54. xrays will not show fat injections. She had the lipo done and put in her butt. Her ex husband paid for a lot and then she took more money from him and along with her fame she got MORE done. why? She is beginning to look like MJs lil sister. i cant wait for these no talented famewhores to get off the airs and outta everyones thoughts. they are greedy people who care only a bout themselves and making a milli. so sad people follow these non talented money whoring family.

  55. I think that people are astounded,dumbfounded and sick about holding two,three jobs and seeing zeros with mounting plastic surgery and almost criminally vapid morals walk away with millions for nothng but famewhoring ,an ability to sink low for more and more $$$ and a lack of human dignity. That show is meant to force and sell the Kardashians on everyone. Everything is given a fraudulent moral spin, and no reality is really allowed to exist and settle in as real life before the shows phoney ending winds all the bs into a neat package for sell. The world is getting more and more crass and empty ,and these idiots are perfect for these times,sadly…..And they know it .Sell it baby1

  56. for all those who think that she did NOT have plastic surgery I would like to see your explanation for those pictures. not just the nose job but the butt, boobs and whatever else. especially the pic at 6:16 in the video cuz she must have some super-genes to go from flat to humungous in no time.

  57. well im not much of a fan of her but in my opinion i say people are entitled too change their features if they feel they’re unhappy with them.

  58. wow this video proves that she at least has natural breast. you cant tell me at 14 she had breast implants -_- and the picture at 3:16 just proves she’s always had a rockin body, and with or without makeup the girl is pretty =) us average people always like to investagate the whole ” did they get a plastic surgery , I wonder how they look without makeup” just because we keep thinking “they can’t be THAT good looking and we just all like to hate -_- . people need to get over this already .

  59. I love them, with or without surgery, they all look beautiful. Everybody can do with their body what pleases them, why not, it pays well off in the end.

  60. She has so much surgery done, she probably wouldn’t be able to tell you herself. Just her nose was done 3 times…The picture where she says she is 14, she is in her late teens, retards. Her a$$ is as fake as a 3 dollar bill. Her face is starting to look like Michael Jackson’s…you can see it right around the eyes..Anyway if she wants to look exactly like Michael, she will in just a couple of years, if she doesn’t stop her plastic surgery right now. Her mother is a disgrace to any mother. She lets her daughter make a p0rn tape and sell it, then have tons of plastic surgery. She just cares about the money, not where it comes from.

  61. she did have work done on her nose…she had a deviated septum and had that corrected (you can tell this despite the difference in angles as the septum is higher on the bridge of the nose and bends horizontally, i.e. eliminating the angle argument)…moreover many people who correct deviated septums don’t view the procedure as “plastic surgery” since such surgeries are usually “medically-necessitated” (i.e. sleep apnia)–call it what you want..she had surgery. period.

  62. Are you kidding me? The picture taken in 2006 has the camera angle looking down on her face. The camera angle is pointing up at her face in the photo taken in 2009. Of course her nose is going to look different.

    1. What kind of magic camera is that?I want the same one!!!I have a long nose and it doesn’t matter from which angle the picture is taken my nose is still long.I know how Armenian people look like and she definitely looks like one in the picture with her dad in in the picture from 2006,but right now you can’t even guess her heritage,so please spare the talk about the camera angles.

  63. you cant defend her because she did get her face done. look at all old pictures other than the one they are showing. she looks way different. Shes claims shes all real when her face isnt

  64. I think the picture that was taken in 2006 looks different because she wore tons of heavy and dark makeup which made her appear older, but now she wears much lighter makeup and more natural eye makeup so she looks more youthful and prettier and natural. And the nose thing is just the angling, it happens to everyone 😛

    1. The video juxtaposes photos taken at similar angles. She looks completely different. Anyway, I’m not sure what the motivation is for clinging on to the belief that she hasn’t had any sort of plastic surgery. Is it better to assume that she somehow became markedly less attractive on her own? I hope I don’t just wake up one day looking like a cross between myself and 30-something Barbie.

  65. There are other ways to make a but bigger that no one seems to talk about and would never show in am exray
    It’s called lipo transfer
    She had very heavy cellulite legs and a thicker waist in the past.. Before the ex husband
    But a flat butt.
    Then one day… Thinner legs and waist and bigger butt
    It’s very popular for surgeons to take all the fat from lipo and inject it into a flat butt
    And it would never show in an exray cause it’s just fat and it’s your’s it’s just been moved
    There us no artificial way to do the same except implants which surgeons usually don’t recommend
    But fat transfer is very popular
    And I’m sorry but face was re-done too
    Nose, eyes, cheeks and somehow the chin looks smaller and her skin was probably laser resurfaced because of pimples and sun damage

    It’s a shame she never admits anything but the most obvious and least embarrassing stuff because it gives the impression no one else can be as pretty
    But really…. Anyone could ,, anyone with millions of dollars

    1. I honestly do not understand this world. You are screwed if you don’t but screwed if you do! If she had admitted to her plastic surgery more people would hate her and judge her for it! It does not matter whether or not she had plastic surgery! She is still aesthetically pleasing so why should it matter, people who get plastic surgery just want to be perfect for the ever judging and scrutinizing public, yes I do understand that it is wrong as she has tarnishing one of god’s creations but she is also looking for perfection in an unconventional way…
      If somebody gets plastic surgery it’s on their own terms, sometimes it really helps… If God truly did not want us to have plastic surgery he would give us eternal confidence, maybe she is just finding her inexorable confidence in a different way.

  66. HELLO?? A lotta work here…Nose job (for sure; the old nose tip tilts DOWN), naso-labial folds “erased,” facial skin has been treated to a major chemical peel or laser. WAKE UP, SHE’S PLASTIC INSIDE AND OUT!!

  67. Wow, the magic of good plastic surgery. She looked much more ethnic before and now she’s got a tiny white lady’s nose which makes her look mixed.

  68. I don’t think it is Kim at all. I think it is two different people. Have you all seen her pictures when she was younger? Her nose looks the same at to now. That 2006 photo doesn’t even look like her. But that doesn’t mean she hasn’t done any though.

    1. She totally had a lot of work done all over her body and face.In the pictures from her childhood she looks like a real armenian girl with the armenian nose,but now her nose is so straight and thin that it reminds me of Michael Jackson a little bit.And the picture from 2006 is most definitely her,because if you look into her right eye she has a small red dot in every single picture in it.
      I don’t judge her plastic surgeries,but she is an idol for a lot of teenagers and they all think that she is a REAL beauty and some of them feel that they are never going to be as beautiful as she is,when in reality she just had a lot of work done.

  69. I don’t care for this fake celebrity but honestly, whoever says she’s a talented idol with “real” 100% beauty needs a MAJOR reality check. Kim Kardashian is a fake. She claims her butt is real. There is no way that thing is real. Look at her body structure and then look at her butt, it just doesn’t fit. I would understand if she had a bump but nobody can have a butt THAT big, unless she was obese. And her face looks SO DIFFERENT. Helllloooo, if your to delusional to believe these pictures, watch their much older episodes of their show “The Kardashians”. You will realize how different Kim looked. To me, she was, and STILL IS ugly, no matter how many plastic surgeries she continues to get. She lacks personality and is a complete phony of a woman.

    1. Your just jelous! She is really pretty. And who cares if she got work done. I haven’t myself, but if it works for her then do it. She looks good! Alot of women are jelous of her and want to be just like her, but Kim is pretty. I dont know what kind of person she is but she is a beautiful girl. Dont know the inside! Kim is very famous and almost everyone knows her name! Get a life!

      1. I don’t think Juliana wants to be just like Kim. Just because someone talks bad about someone does not mean they are jealous. I don’t think anyone on thier right mind would feel good getting famous for nothing. Her face is completely plastic. I hate my nose too but why make it look just like every other nose? I think slight augmentation is fine but you have an issue if you end up changing the whole thing. It means you lack confidence. She hides it well, but as she ages she will probably continue getting surgery to maintain. Her child will end up with a constantly changing mother.
        I don’t want to be like Kim.
        The money would be great. But that’s about it.

      2. Sammy is obviously a Kartrash. We know because she can neither write nor spell. And she denies what we all can see and laugh at.

    2. She looks just as pretty in the before pic. She already had a decent sized ass before the surgery. Also there’s plenty of Dominican and other women who have naturally big bubble butts who looks better then kims

  70. fake fake k kardashin, nose job on the tip, breast implants, butt fat injections and of course it wont show cause its fat injectios, hair extensions, years from now no one wont even remember you, new comers super stars will be famous whos even going to care about kim old kardashin, youll be old news…your only famous cause of your sex tape with r bush, or what the heck his name is…

  71. yeah she looks attractive nowadays but it clearly isn’t genuine. i don’t mean to be a hater, but its just kinda bs that she gets so much attention with something that she wasn’t born with. i’m sure if the entire world had the access to plastic surgery, we would all be looking as hot as she is today.

  72. she looks pretty either way. i think she should have done only the nose job not the cheeks. she look sexier,

  73. she isnt fake ! she want to look like that let her, thats not being fake. stupid assholes, if you comment to hate stop kissing her ass and look at something you like !

  74. she definitely looks different. Like her whole face. hands down nose job. Also her face and lips look more defined. Checks bigger and lips more defined (not bigger but defined) I don’t know enough about new plastic surgery to say what she has had done but she has had work done. She is starting to look artificial. Makes me think of the movie, devils advocate, when the devil says ” vanity is my favorite sin.” She will not age well. But she got what she wanted.

  75. She had plastic surgery and she needs to be honest…….her face is stiff now back in 2006 she looked much prettier. Kim u shoulda left ur face alone!!!!!!

  76. Definitely had lipo and fat transfer to her butt…very common procedure nowadays but the shape usually looks odd and when they gain weight the butt get even larger and abnormal looking like it did during her pregnancy. Gross. She looked better before.

  77. Its funny how celebrities are praised for their hour glass figure today, but if it was the 50’s again they wouldn’t be shit without plastic surgery. Marilyn Monroe’s figure is untouchable and REAL! Something that most over rated celebrities like Kim K today, don’t have.

  78. She had something done to her eyes as well. Looks different. I don’t know what, but her cheeks and everything look plumped up and her eyes look stretched out in the 2010 pics like she had MASSIVE work done. At least now it’s settled down a bit, but it’s so obvious.

  79. Some people find her appearance very attractive. She has a very womanly look about her, with a very high hip-waist ratio and curves in places that make some of us unable to look away. Her face shape is not unattractive and she clearly does care about her appearance enough to enhance it with makeup that is applied with some skill and attention to detail.

    Having said all that, though, it’s not a natural appearance but one that has been constructed.

    We can draw parallels with other things.
    Furniture is one; some of us might find IKEA furniture visually pleasing, and some might find Chippendale or Sheraton furniture equally good. But are they the same thing? Not at all. The chief difference is that IKEA is chiefly particle board or something like it, made by a machine on a production line.
    The older names are all real wood and hand made a piece at a time that has lasted in some cases 250 years and is still as good as it was when made.. There really is no comparison.

    A Van Gogh painting or Michelangelo sculpture is magnificent art. We might find a Van Gogh print for a few dollars, or a plastic figure that is a copy of David, and to an uneducated eye might be as great as the original.

    But they are not the same. One is real, the other fake.

    That’s what it’s about.

  80. Personally, i think the woman is trashy. Her body is not attractive, her face is plastic, tons of plastic surgery and make up, her hair are fake…her lips are fake. She wears lots of fur (murdered, tortured animals) and portrays a lifestyle devoid of any culture, education, morals, or intelligence. It’s almost like she wants her “fans” to get dumb so she could continue making money off of them.

    Also, the whole family is a distraction for americans not to notice that their lives are getting worse, their money are being devalued, their working hours are increasing, and their pensions disappear.


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