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60 Days In Season 8 recap for all 9 participants

60 Days In Season 8 was a dramatic roller coaster that saw four of the original seven volunteers tapping out extremely early. As a result, Pitt County Sheriff Paula Dance and show producers were forced to bring in two additional participants in hopes of saving the program!

Keep reading for a participant-by-participant recap of 60 Days In Season 8. Our recap is just in time for Part One of the two-part reunion special, airing tonight at 9/8c on A&E!

60 DAYS IN Season 8 Inmate updates Drip, V-12, Kayla, Candace, more

Producers of A&E’s popular jail reform reality series 60 Days In tried something new for Season 8 — they documented the inmates of the featured jail for an extended period of time before and after the show participants came and went.

Keep reading for updates on nine of the 60 Days In Season 8 inmates after the cameras stopped rolling. Who is still behind bars and who is free?

EXCLUSIVE 60 Days In Season 8 trailer! Premieres June 15!

Starcasm can exclusively reveal that A&E’s popular inmate-by-choice reality series 60 Days In will be returning for its eighth season on Thursday, June 15 at 9/8c! We can also exclusively reveal the first preview trailer for the new season, which was filmed at the Pitt County Detention Center in North Carolina!

Keep reading to watch the preview trailer and get details on some of what to expect this season. PLUS, we have information on the new show, Booked: First Day In, with episodes set to air immediately after 60 Days In on Thursday nights!

60 DAYS IN Season 7 cast profiles, photos, bios and past arrest info

A&E’s popular reality series 60 Days In is back for a seventh season as Sheriff Reginald Scandrett invites seven volunteers to enter the Henry County Jail in McDonough, Georgia in hopes of identifying issues inside the facility. However, this season is unlike any previous season in that all seven volunteers heading into the jail are actual ex-convicts who have collectively served more than 40 years behind bars!

To help viewers keep up with all of the participants featured this season, we’ve put together a complete list of the cast members with photos, bios and information about their previous convictions and time behind bars.

VIDEOS 60 Days In is coming to Atlanta

The 3rd and 4th season of A&E's popular series 60 Days In is headed south. 60 Days In: Atlanta will take place at the infamous Fulton County Jail. Known to locals as "Rice Street," the massive facility has a reputation for being one of the roughest jails in America. See two intense previews for the upcoming season and photos for the participants both brave and crazy enough to go to Rice Street voluntarily.

Monalisa Johnson cast for 60 Days In Season 2

The first trailer featuring the cast of the upcoming 2nd season of 60 Days In was released yesterday. Along with the video, names and some details of the new cast were included. Among the new participants is Monalisa Johnson. Find out about the 49-year-old mom, including some bio info and details about the arrest and incarceration of her daughter that motivated her to participate in the show.