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Love After Lockup seasons explained and simplified with all the couples

If you’re a Love After Lockup fan who is completely confused by the way WE tv breaks down the seasons, you are not alone! We explain the network’s nonsensical system, and then we break down all the seasons of Love After Lockup, Life After Lockup and Love During Lockup in a way that makes conventional sense.

The post includes all the couples (and throuples) for every season of every show, complete with TONS of links to help refresh your memory!

Unexpected dad Anthony Vanelli arrested after allegedly stabbing his mom’s boyfriend EXCLUSIVE

The ex of Unexpected mom Rilah Ferrer is back in jail in Florida. Anthony Vanelli was booked on Monday after he allegedly stabbed his mother’s boyfriend repeatedly.

Keep reading for the disturbing details from the arrest report. Plus, a recap of Anthony’s previous legal issues, which include him being ruled incompetent to stand trial last year before being “committed to the Custody of the Department of Children and Family Services for involuntary placement in the Florida State Hospital.”