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LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Angela and Tony’s divorce is final!

It’s FINALLY officially over for Love After Lockup and Life After Lockup couple Angela Ables and Tony Wood! After 42 months, 847 cartons of Marlboros, and who knows how many Mississippi prostitutorial hook ups, Angela and Tony are legally divorced!

Keep reading for details from the divorce, which wasn’t filed in Mississippi or Idaho. Plus, we take a trip down #Tongela memory lane with photos, video, and memes from the past four years.

LOVE DURING LOCKUP Meet Mike’s wife LaTisha Collier, accountant from Davenport, Iowa

We continue to roll out profiles of the Love During Lockup Season 3 cast! We previously introduced you to inmate Keith “Lil Mike” Collier, who is serving a 14-year sentence for crack and marijuana possession with intent to distribute.

Now, we’d like to introduce you to Lil Mike’s significant other, “Boss” accountant hottie LaTisha Collier! If you’ve see the Love During Lockup Season 3 trailer, LaTisha is the woman in lingerie with a leopard print tattoo on her shoulder. She’s also the one who rolls her eyes and exclaims, “Ohh my gaaahd!”

SEEKING SISTER WIFE Epps family and Christeline split up

The estranged wife of Seeking Sister Wife couple Ashley and Dimitri Snowden has struck out with another family from the show.

Christeline “Chrissy” Peterson confirmed late last year that she was officially dating Taryn, India and Marcus Epps from Seeking Sister Wife Season 4, but she just revealed on Instagram that she is no longer with the family.

Plus, an update on Christeline and Dimitri’s divorce, and India shares a post suggesting that first wife Taryn no longer wants a poly relationship!

Below Deck chef Rachel Hargrove is doing stand-up comedy now! VIDEO

Below Deck chef Rachel Hargrove is testing the waters for a potential new career as a stand-up comedian!

The 41-year-old yachtie made her official stand-up debut at the Improv Comedy Club in West Palm Beach, Florida on Tuesday night. Keep reading to watch a video of her full set! Plus, details from a recent interview in which Rachel explains how she got into stand-up comedy, and whether or not she plans to pursue it full time.

Meet Love During Lockup inmate Keith ‘Lil Mike’ Collier

As Love During Lockup fans patiently wait for the new season to premiere in July, Starcasm continues to share information about the new cast members who will be featured on the show!

We previously introduced you to sugar daddy felon Chris Chipps from South Dakota and his TikTok influencer wife Jade from Florida. Now we travel to Illinois (and Colorado) to meet 35-year-old convicted felon, Keith “Lil Mike” Collier.