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LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Lamondre got $37k back from drug bust due to clerical error

How did Love After Lockup convict Lamondre Fluker have extra money to send to his fiancĂ©e Andrea? It might be because of a Volusia County Sheriff’s Department clerical error that resulted in him getting $37,000 cash back after his drug bust. Or, it might be because he started hair extension and apparel lines while in prison, including “Cop Killer” t-shirts.

LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Is Angela’s fiance Tony back in prison, on the run, or back out? Are they still together?

On the most recent episode of Love After Lockup, convict Tony failed to return to his halfway house, which means he is a wanted fugitive! So what happened? Is he still on the run? Did he get caught and go back to prison? If so, is he still in prison? And is he still with Angela? So many questions! ***SPOILER ALERT***

LOVE AFTER LOCKUP More Andrea arrest details: shoplifting, assault, multiple protective orders

Love After Lockup drug kingpin Lamondre Fluker isn’t the only one in his relationship who has an extensive criminal history, as evidenced by our previous post featuring 20 of Andrea’s mug shot photos from her numerous arrests over the past 20 years, including a $6,695 Sunglass Hut heist. Andrea shared our mug shot montage on Instagram and boasted that she wasn’t ashamed of her past, so I’m sure she won’t mind if we crack open her case file again and reveal details about some of her other run-ins with the po-po.