LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Was Kristianna arrested again? Is she back in jail?

Love After Lockup Kristianna arrested again?

Just a few weeks after Love After Lockup star Kristianna Roth shared a lengthy Facebook post revealing that she was “on the verge of a mental break down,” there are reports that she is back in jail.

I’m uncertain who was the first to report that Kristianna has been arrested again. I’ve seen social media commenters mentioning it as far back as Sunday. Earlier today, Tracie Trendy shared a YouTube video about it.

“I have some sad news to report again,” Tracie says near the beginning of the clip. “Apparently Kristianna — my girl Kristianna — is in jail for the umpteenth time. This time she’s been arrested for…second degree burglary.”

Tracie shares a screen cap from the Iowa Department of Corrections website showing that Kristianna has been charged with second-degree burglary and she has a “TDD/SDD” of February 27, 2023. TDD/SDD stands for Tentative Discharge Date/Supervision Discharge Date. It also states that Kristianna’s commitment date was September 20, 2020. That was well before she and estranged husband John Miller filmed the most recent season of Life After Lockup.

Here’s a screen cap that I just took of the Iowa DOC entry for Kristianna with the same information:
Kristianna arrest

However, if you scroll further down on the page, it has a chart with Kristianna’s history of charges as well as her supervision status.

The two most recent supervision status entries are for parole, with the “end date” left blank. Prior to the parole status, Kristianna was listed as being in prison with an end date of September 2, 2020. I do not know how often the Iowa Department of Corrections updates these entries.

Life After Lockup Kristianna parole

According to Iowa court records, Kristianna’s most recent criminal case was for a charge of voluntary absence from custody in October of 2019. Kristianna turned herself in for that offense, as seen on Love After Lockup. She was convicted of second-degree burglary in December of 2016. That was the charge Kristianna was serving time for when she initially appeared on Love After Lockup.

I checked Vinelink and the site currently lists Kristianna’s custody status as “Community Based Corrections,” which means that she is not behind bars but is serving her sentence in the community. That could mean a halfway house or potentially just parole. (I’m not certain about parole qualifying.)

Vinelink includes a recent mug shot photo of Kristianna in which she can be seen with her large “Clyde” chest tattoo:
Life After Lockup Kristianna Roth arrested? New mug shot

I am guessing that Kristianna violated her parole in regards to her prior second-degree burglary conviction in September of 2020, and she is still serving that parole sentence. Further evidence of that potentially being the case is that her “TDD/SDD” has not changed since our initial post about Kristianna’s criminal history in July of 2020.

In summary, I was not able to confirm that Kristianna is currently in jail or prison. I also couldn’t confirm that she isn’t, but the evidence seems to suggest that she is merely under community supervision at this time. I will continue to investigate and update with any additional information.

Meanwhile, I will leave Kristianna’s entry on our Love After Lockup Season 4 Inmate Recidivism Chart unchanged for now.

UPDATE – Kristianna was pulled over for speeding on March 28, 2022. Not only was she driving without a license, but she also had an outstanding warrant for a parole violation. She was arrested that day and jailed.

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