LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Shane Whitlow launches GoFundMe for custody battle with Lacey

Love After Lockup Shane Whitlow launches GoFundMe for custody of daughter Summer

The drama continues for two-thirds of the Love After Lockup and Life After Lockup love triangle of Lacey Whitlow, Shane Whitlow and John Slater. Roughly six weeks after John Slater found himself back behind bars, Lacey’s estranged husband Shane Whitlow has launched a GoFundMe campaign to help pay a lawyer to regain custody of their daughter Summer.

“On behalf of Shane, we (his family and friends) have decided to help make a fundraiser for him to help him pay for a lawyer to gain his custody rights which were scammed from him during his toxic relationship as a lot of you have seen on the show (Love After Lockup + Life After Lockup),” the description for the fundraiser begins.

More from the description:

Shane has not seen his baby girl since November 2021 for only one reason, to protect his daughter from toxic behavior that alot of you saw when his daughters mother posted on her social media the last time he was “invited” to see her.

Shane has been laying low, focusing on himself, healing from his past, and keeping hard at work.

As most of you know, Shane has minimal work opportunities due to his past of incarceration. He has decided it would be better for his daughter to no longer film the show but will be doing his own thing on YouTube soon for you all to follow his journey!

We are asking for donations big or small to help Shane finally fight to see his baby girl again. Up until this point he has not had the opportunity or the finances to be heard in court.

Please help us get Shane the fundraising he needs to fight for his daughter who he loves more than anything in this world.


The goal for the fundraiser is $8,000. At the time of writing this post, Shane has raised $235 of his goal.

Shane shared the GoFundMe, titled “Help Shane Gain his Custody Rights!” on Instagram. “Appreciate y’all taking the time to read and help if you can,” Shane captioned a screen cap of the campaign. “You’ve been with me since Day 1 of my journey, and I can’t express enough how much you’ve helped me along the way…The process is already in full swing. Got my own place and a pretty bedroom for my baby girl which has been ready and waiting for months. Thank you so much for your advice and support 🙏🏼”

The post has received numerous comments, and Shane has replied to many of them. Here are a couple examples of his interactions:
COMMENT: I really like Shane. I think he’s got great character and between the two parents he’s clearly the better half, but we never see him working. It’s always at the gym. You have a job to support a child.
SHANE: I have been working hard at my job. You guys don’t see a lot of what’s going on on here but soon I will be able to be a lot more open. Need to secure things for my daughter right now. Priority #1. I have taken all the steps to secure myself up to this point now it’s time to fight for my baby girl Thank you for your support.

COMMENT: But why are we donating? I know you want custody but what is actually going on? I’ve donated.
SHANE: Thank you for donating. I need to pay more lawyers. I can not write anything about the situation on social media but my full story will be shared soon as things are settled. Thank u for believing in me.

COMMENT: Make sure you have a job with steady income and a safe place to live. Prove your stability.
SHANE: That’s what I have done these last months. Working hard and living on my own and supporting myself. Thank you for lookin out❤️

What happened when Shane was invited to see Summer?

The GoFundMe description assumes that those who are interested in helping Shane with his custody battle are familiar with Lacey’s “toxic behavior” the “last time [Shane] was ‘invited’ to see [Summer].” For those of you who do not know what transpired, I’ve put together a brief recap of Shane and Lacey’s drama from December, 2021.

On December 15, Lacey shared a post on Instagram revealing that Shane had been missing for three days. “If anyone may know his location, please let me or Virginia Beach police know,” she concluded her post.

The next day, Lacey revealed that Shane had been hospitalized due to mental issues:

UPDATE SHANE was transported to St Vincent’s hospital under mentally incapacitated. Thank you for everyone helping & concerns. This year has been hard on everyone and mental health is such a fragile thing. No matter what this is my daughters dad this isn’t for the show or a story line this is HIS LIFE. Praying 🙏🏼 and prayers! Thank you again 💗

Another day passed and Lacey shared this positive message for Shane:

Praying that no matter what dark tunnel you may be in you see the light which is this beautiful baby girl Summer Rayne. Know I’ll always be here even though we aren’t together anymore, and you are still the father of our child and no matter that the public may think or people say, I know your still in there somewhere I just PRAY you stay SAFE and don’t be too stubborn to reach out to us, your real family.

Shane was soon released from the hospital and says he was invited by Lacey to see their daughter Summer on Christmas Day. However, when Shane arrived, he apparently got into a verbal altercation with Lacey’s dad.

“Just get the hell out of here,” Lacey’s dad is heard yelling in a poorly lit video posted by Lacey on December 27.
Shane could be seen walking away as he stated, “I’m gone.”
“Get a f—king job before I knock your head off,” Lacey’s dad continued, before claiming that the police were on their way.
Shane is seen driving away.

The GoFundMe indicates that Shane last saw his daughter in November of 2021, which suggests that he never even got to see her on Christmas Day before having to leave.

In addition to Lacey causing him problems, Shane also hinted that she may have been the reason that John Slater was arrested yet again. From our May 2 post about John’s arrest:

“Let’s take a moment to reflect on the fact a certain someone thought he’d be able to stay in a relationship with another certain someone without getting locked back up,” Shane posted on his Instagram on Sunday. In case there was any doubt who the “someone” is, Shane added the #FreeJohn hash tag. He concluded his post with a laughing emoji and the #SomeNeverLearn hash tag.

It doesn’t appear that Lacey has posted publicly in response to Shane’s GofundMe campaign launch.

For those of you hoping to see the latest love triangle drama play out on the new season of Life After Lockup, you will likely be disappointed. The reported cast members for the new season were leaked earlier this month, and the list does not include Lacey, Shane or John.

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