LIFE AFTER LOCKUP Branwin allegedly escorting again, Chazz to file for an annulment REPORT

Branwin and Chazz Harbison may divorce due to her alleged escorting

We have some very shocking (but not really shocking at all) news for Love After Lockup fans. Photos surfaced earlier this week allegedly showing Branwin Harbison selling her wares on an escort website. Her husband Chazz Harbison was contacted about Branwin’s entrepreneurial endeavors, and he revealed that he knew and plans to file an annulment!

We will go to YouTube for more details on both aspects of this story. According to Amber posted a video on Saturday with details about Branwin’s alleged return to escorting. The video (embedded below) includes screen shots of a profile ad on the website tnaboard(dot)com that uses photos of Branwin under the name Bailee Bane.

The ad is titled “Beautiful dark blonde big booty b**ch for your entertainment!!!” It was most recently edited in the past month and includes this description:

Sexxxy and sensuous rub down and fully nude entertainment! Spoil yourself. I am available for [sic] I’m highly reviewed and know my worth so please don’t press any NO menu items! H/r 140 or hr270. I take my pleasure out of pleasing you! Available for couples extra naughty fun!! Only two appointments available this evening… Call or text [PHONE NUMBER] Let’s get naked so hurry and call!

According To Amber went the extra mile to verify that the ad was actually Branwin. “I did do a reverse call look up on her phone number. It did come back to her. I had someone reach out to her and say, ‘Are you still available anytime for extra fun?’ She responded, ‘Yes, thank you, I am available.'”

Amber also says she had someone call the number and “lo and behold, Branwin answered.”

In addition to offering solo services, Branwin offers a two-fer deal with another woman who goes by the name Nova 366. Both accounts have numerous reviews on the site, and Amber reads through some of them in the video.

Love After Lockup viewers will recall that Branwin talked about her experiences escorting prior to her most recent prison stint. It really seemed as though she was ready to make a change, but perhaps the lure of easy money was just too much.

Chazz to file for annulment?

After the story broke about My Fair Branwin, Mary from the Kiki and Kibbitz YouTube channel reached out to Chazz to see if he was aware.

“It does suck, but I’ve known about this for a month,” Chazz allegedly replied in a screen capped text message posted in the video (also embedded below). “I just had to remain silent,” he continued. “I went out there last week to give her the divorce papers. I’ve had plenty of time to process it.”
Mary replied with some words of encouragement, revealing that she was rooting for him.

“I’m going to try to get an annulment for this one since she lied to me about continuing escort work,” Chazz revealed. “She never deserved me,” he added.

I’m not sure how the annulment would work in regards to the escorting. In order to get an annulment, I believe Chazz needs to show that he entered into the marriage due to “force or fraud.” He also needs to prove that the force or fraud existed at the time of marriage.

Given the fact that Chazz and Branwin got married immediately after she was released, I assume that she did not have time to do any escorting prior to exchanging vows and making it official. For that reason, there was no fraud at the time of the marriage. I don’t believe lying about what you will or won’t do after the wedding would qualify to annul the marriage?

This is all speculation on my part. I would suggest that Chazz consult his Life After Lockup co-star Marcelino Santiago about getting an annulment, but Marcelino got his due to being a blood relative of his wife. I don’t think that helps Chazz much.

UPDATE – More from Chazz:

Chazz and Branwin will be on Life After Lockup

As we previously reported, Chazz and Branwin are one of the couples returning for the new season of Life After Lockup premiering in July. I would assume that is part of the reason Chazz told Mary that he “had to remain silent” about Branwin’s alleged escorting.

The couple being on Life After Lockup would also explain why they tried to appear as though they were still together after posts earlier this year by Chazz clearly indicating they had split.

I’m just like most fans in that I was pulling for Chazz and hoping that his fifth marriage would be his last. However, I was also like most fans in that I gave the couple about a 5% chance of staying together. It’s even more painful looking back on their season with the knowledge that Branwin may be escorting again. She was MARRIED to Chazz and broke down crying because she didn’t want to have sex with him. Oof.

Also, I think Branwin really missed out on a golden opportunity selling wooden boxes! That one she made for Chazz in prison looked pretty damn awesome!

Here are both of the videos referenced above from According To Amber (top) and Kiki and Kibbitz (bottom):

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