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Love After Lockup Ray Ford arrest details & ‘champions hustle’ mug shot photo

On the new season of Love After Lockup viewers are introduced to 33-year-old Britney and her 29-year-old prison boo Ray. Britney explains that she met Ray on Facebook and later found out that he was serving close to four years in prison for possession of narcotics with intent to distribute. As is often the case with Love After Lockup, viewers don’t get many specifics about what Ray did other than the charge he was convicted of. So, we tracked down details on his arrest(s) — which made numerous headlines in multiple states! And also resulted in a rather unfortunate choice of mug shot attire.


Love After Lockup Tracie Wagaman’s baby daddy Luke Loera arrested again

The father of Love After Lockup star Tracie Wagaman Brady’s second child is back behind bars. Luke Loera was arrested in Las Vegas on Saturday and is currently facing one felony and two misdemeanor charges. Tracie’s pregnancy announcement in May was delayed in part because she was waiting for Luke to be released from jail after he got into an altercation with a casino security guard and pulled out a machete. Tracie has been absent from social media, so its unclear if she has given birth to their baby yet.


Love After Lockup Courtney & Josh spoilers: Why was she arrested? Are they married?

In the previews for the new season of Love After Lockup, fans are introduced to Courtney and and her convict boo Josh. So why are we shown a mug shot photo of Courtney?! “I met Josh when I was a corrections lieutenant,” Courtney explains. “I was sentenced to 60 days in jail.” Also in the previews, we get to see Josh out of prison and proposing to Courtney. So, why was Courtney arrested? And are Courtney and Josh married?


Love After Lockup Tracie Wagaman pregnant with Luke Loera’s baby, not ex Matt Baier

Former Love After Lockup and Life After Lockup star Tracie Wagaman recently confirmed rumors that she is currently pregnant, but debunks reports that the baby belongs to Amber Portwood’s ex Matt Baier. (In case you missed it, Tracie and Matt dated for “about a week” last year.) Tracie says the father of her second child is her current boyfriend, Luke Loera, who she accused of domestic abuse earlier this year. Those accusations were accompanied by some very disturbing photos of Tracie’s facial injuries.