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Love After Lockup Season 3 trailers, premiere date, cast photos & bios

WE tv’s popular prison romance reality series Love After Lockup is returning for a third season on August 16, and the network has just released a brand new preview trailer as well as bios for all the new couples (and one familiar couple — and one trio?) featured this season! Keep reading to meet the seven couples to be featured on you guiltiest pleasure!

Love After Lockup Brittany’s ex Tito’s criminal record, was sentenced to 10-25 years!

Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup star Brittany Santiago is headed into a bitter custody battle for her four-year-old son Giovanni with Giovanni’s dad Tito. You might think that a convicted felon fresh out of prison would have a really hard time winning custody of a child, but Giovanni’s dad is also a convicted felon! Keep reading to find out more about his criminal past.

Love After Lockup Scott Davey arrested for meth in 2001, in court today for $1,400 traffic case

Love After Lockup couple Scott Davey and Lizzie Kommes are the only two cast members to be featured on both seasons of the original show as well as the Life After Lockup spin-off. Fans have learned a great deal about Lizzie’s time behind bars as a prison cam girl who allegedly solicited hundreds of thousands of dollars from “tricks” she met via the internet. But, what fans of the show may not realize is that Lizzie isn’t the only ex con in this relationship!

Love After Lockup Caitlin updates on Matt, regrets, more in ‘Life Goes On’ episode

The only couple from Love After Lockup Season 2 who did not return for the new spin-off Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup was Caitlin and her troubled ex-beau Matt Frasier. Fans eager for an update from the former jungle lovers got one on Friday when WE tv released a brand new episode of Love after Lockup: Life Goes On featuring Caitlin!

Life After Lockup Marcelino Santiago arrested for domestic violence in 2013, later dismissed

Love After Lockup: Life after Lockup star Marcelino Santiago has talked several times on the show about his unfortunate relationship history prior to courting his current wife Brittany. However, the 41-year-old reality star hasn’t really shared any specifics, so we are left trying to fill in the blanks a little for you. In addition to accidentally marrying his cousin, Marcelino was also involved in an apparently tumultuous relationship with a younger woman back in 2013. After living together for less than two months, police were called to the couple’s residence and Marcelino was booked for battery constituting domestic violence!