LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Lindsey Downs released from federal prison, Daonte remains silent

Love After Lockup Lindsey Downs released from prison early

It appears as though Love After Lockup star Daonte Sierra can throw away Lindsey Junior a little early! According to federal prison records, his new boo (and reported Life After Lockup co-star) Lindsey Downs has been released early!

Lindsey’s entry on the Federal Bureau of Prisons website indicates that she was released on January 19. As we previously reported, Lindsey wasn’t expecting to be released until March.

In case you missed it, Lindsey reached out to Daonte last year, and the two soon began a long-distance relationship. Rumors of the #Daonséy pairing spread online, including reports that the two would be filming for Life After Lockup once Lindsey was released.

Lindsey eventually confirmed the relationship rumors during her video chat appearance on the Love After Lockup: How To Date An Inmate special that aired on New Year’s Eve. Here’s a clip:

Since the special aired, Daonte and Lindsey have been more than willing to share lots of virtual PDA via their social media accounts. However, neither of them have said much at all about Lindsey’s early release.

One of Daonte’s Instagram followers asked him if Lindsey was staying with him since she got out. “I can’t talk about that right now,” Daonte responded.

According to what Daonte said during the How To Date An Inmate special, their plans weren’t to have Lindsey move to Virginia, but for him to relocate to Mississippi. It’s unclear if Lindsey’s early release has thrown a monkey wrench into the couple’s plans. It’s also unclear how her early release has affected any plans to film for Life After Lockup.

Congratulations to Lindsey! I confess that I’m excited to see her and Daonte together on screen. If there’s a reality show betting website, I’d like to put $100 on Lindsey pitching a threesome!

I should mention that Lindsey may not be out of the woods (aka out from behind bars) completely. We spoke with Lindsey at length early last year for what eventually became a three-part interview, and she revealed that she was back in prison due to violating her probation on her prior charges. Her most recent arrests, which included malicious mischief, firearm possession and meth possession charges, are still pending.

“I have not been indicted for any of the new charges,” Lindsey told us. “That is a big deal because if I never get indicted then I will never have to worry about facing a judge or jury on them. If I am indicted, I will have to go deal with those charges after I am released from federal prison next year.”

We will be sure to update as soon as we know anything more about Lindsey’s legal and/or relationship status! Meanwhile, I’m going to head over and update our Love After Lockup Season 4 inmate chart to reflect Lindsey’s release.

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