LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Chazz meets Branwin’s stripper daughter Arienne, aka Big Booty Sapphire

Love After Lockup Chazz Branwin and her daughter Arienne the stripper

The love story between Love After Lockup couple Chazz and Branwin just keeps getting more awkward!

Chazz is a short and cartoonishly gooberish former marine from Kentucky who plays bass in a death metal band. Branwin is a convicted felon from Portland, Oregon who has spent more time in prison than out over the past couple decades.

Despite their differences, the two lovebirds got married the day that Branwin was released from prison. It was her first marriage and Chazz’s fifth.

There was no honeymoon for the couple as Branwin had to live with her friend’s baby daddy for a number of weeks, and the baby daddy didn’t want Chazz staying the night at his house. Typical relationship stuff, right?

On tonight’s episode, Chazz is taking Branwin to pick up her 19-year-old daughter at work and then take them both to a salon. And where does Branwin’s daughter work? At a strip club, of course.

In the pick up scene, Chazz and Branwin can be seen walking up to The Golden Dragon Exotic Club in downtown Portland. Branwin’s daughter Arienne rushes out to meet them wearing a fur coat over her work “uniform.” Branwin is super excited to see her daughter, but not as excited to see so much of her daughter.

“Is that what you’re going to wear to the salon?” Branwin asks incredulously.
“Yes,” Arienne replies.

Chazz lets Arienne know that it is nice to finally meet her, at which point Branwin tries to close the front of her daughter’s fur coat. “He doesn’t need to see your ta-tas!” she quietly exclaims.

Later, the new family of three take a trip to the salon with Arienne’s ta-tas on full display.
Here’s a preview clip with the pick up scene:

Arienne strips under the name Sapphire

If you’re curious to know more about Arienne, or perhaps you want to check out her ta-tas in person, she strips at The Golden Dragon under the name Sapphire. Actually, her Instagram account is @BigBootySapphire.

Judging from some of her not-very-SFW photos on her stripper Instagram page and The Golden Dragon’s Instagram page, Sapphire is deserving of her Big Booty moniker.
Here’s a photo of Sapphire with her bog booty Chazzed out:
Love After Lockup Arienne is a stripper named Big Booty Sapphire

UPDATE – Branwyn’s daughter Arienne is now on Onlyfans! I can’t link to her account directly due to issues with our advertisers, but her account is under @bigbootysapphire just like her Instagram!

You can make it rain on Arienne in the club, but don’t expect to slide into her DMs. She has a boyfriend that she’s been with for at least three years, and they look pretty serious.

On her non-stripper Instagram page, Arienne shared a story on February 11 that looks to be her and Branwin at the salon shooting their scene for Love After Lockup. Here’s a screen cap of BBS in a chair at the salon:

Love After Lockup Arienne

I can’t help but pull for Chazz and Branwin, but I definitely wouldn’t wager any money on them working out long term. To see if they are able to defy the odds, be sure to keep tuning in for new episodes of Love After Lockup airing Friday nights at 9/8c on WE tv.

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