LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Britney and Ray were together at a party this weekend

Britney and Ray from Love After Lockup

Love After Lockup and Life After Lockup couple Britney and Ray looked to have split back in December amid reports that Ray was doing some inappropriate DM sliding. Since that time, Ray’s Instagram account has been disabled and Britney hasn’t shared any photos and/or videos with Ray… until this weekend! (By accident!)

Britney and her family were together at a jazz and floral themed event that looks to be a 40th birthday party for Britney’s sister, Natalie. Britney posted numerous pictures and videos from the party, and it was clear that she seemed to be avoiding showing someone that was with her.

Despite Britney’s admirable efforts, there was one very brief moment that let the cat out of the bag. As Britney is recording another woman dancing, someone’s arm enters the frame to point. It’s only there for a brief moment, but it was more than enough to get a good screen shot:

Love After Lockup Britney and Ray together again

The tattoos are a clear match to Ray’s wrist tattoos. He also has an identical bracelet. I found a photo of Ray’s wrist tattoos and did a side-by-side for comparison:

Love After Lockup Britney Reed Ray Floyd back together

UPDATE – Britney finally abandoned her Ray Instagram embargo embargo on March 6. The lighting isn’t very good, but she posted a video clip of Ray while the two of them were out having dinner together:

Life After Lockup Britney Reed and Ray Ford together 2022

There were reliable reports late last year that Britney and Ray were filming for another season of Life After Lockup. The possibility of the couple’s return seemed to be in jeopardy after Britney’s social media outburst in December.

In case you missed it, Britney shared a series of irate posts, including a photo of a woman that Britney captioned by writing: “This is what y’all’s Ray deserves.”

There was also a screen shot of alleged text messages between Ray and another woman that made the rounds online. The messages supposedly included a photo of Ray’s baby maker. (The image in the link has been edited to make it SFW.)

In addition to being angry at Ray and this other mystery woman, Britney was also angry at producers for how she was edited on the show. It seemed that part of the reason Britney was angry was because fans were reacting positively to the news of a split as they thought Ray deserved better.

“Fun fact!” Britney began one post. “I should be an executive producer! I created and wrote every scene that has people mad 🤣 I have receipts! From where the hoes at to Miami and the promise ring! I feel like Soulja Boy!!! Don’t play with me!”

In another post, Britney pointed out that she was “cool” well before her appearance on Love After Lockup:

Being on this show didn’t make me “cool” to people. I been cool to people! People that matter people with money and people who can make things happen in the city. People who knew years ago that I should’ve been on somebody’s tv screen. It’s a shame what “fame” and attention can do to a person. Make you feel like you don’t even know them.

It will be interesting to see that if the video slip this weekend revealing that Ray and Britney are together (or they were for the party at least) will open the door to more posts featuring the two of them together. Perhaps Ray will even be allowed to return to Instagram?

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