LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Kurtis calls Kevin ‘scumbag’ for ‘sucker punch’ that knocked his pu**y a** out

Love After Lockup Kurtis talks about Kevin's punch on Facebook

The fallout continues in the wake of the Love After Lockup bro brawl between inmate Tiffany suitors Kevin Hale and Kurtis King.

The historical altercation ended with one powerful punch from Kevin that instantly knocked “weenie” Kurtis out cold. While Kevin has been basking in the spotlight with a lot of smooth smack talk on social media, Kurtis wants us all to know that his knockout was the result of a “disgusting” “sucker punch.”

First, let me point out that Kurtis’s jaw is working well enough to speak clearly, so that’s a good thing. Kurtis used his functioning glass jaw to offer up his side of the one-sided altercation in a Facebook video posted on Tuesday. Kurtis is sporting a baseball cap and appears to be in his favorite position — laying down — on a bed as he talks.

“Oh man, that sh*t was crazy, right?” Kurtis starts after a minute-long pause.

“Everybody’s wondering, ‘What the f***?’ Look, if y’all ever been in the TV or film industry, then you just won’t get it I guess. But, that was all in one take, and that dude had all the opportunity in the world and he just took a sucker punch at me, as you can see. He threw a cheap shot at the very end [after] I had already loaded up in the truck.”

Kurtis then hints for the first time that the scene may have been a bit scripted, and Kevin’s punch was not part of the script. “Yo, that wasn’t supposed to happen, obviously. I can’t say too, too much, but that definitely wasn’t supposed to happen. And he is a scumbag for that. He already knows it, and he goes to lying about me on the internet. That sh*t is foul.”

Despite being limited in what he could say about any sort of scene scripting, Kurtis does reveal that Kevin being at the halfway house was not a surprise.

“I didn’t know that dude before that day — didn’t know anything about him,” Kurtis said of the third grader who sent him to Sleepy Town. “I was told, like two days prior to driving out to Bryan [Texas] that, um, that this other guy was gonna show up anyways. And he wasn’t mad, and he just was gonna — we were — he was gonna, uh, you know — I can’t really say too much on here. But y’all get it.”

More from Kurtis, in his own words:

Now he’s just trying to bash me online, lying about all kinds of crazy sh*t. That makes him look good for now, but when the truth comes out, that sh*t was temporary compared to what is gonna happen.

So, what’s gonna happen is gonna be permanent, and he don’t realize that that little bitty buzz that he got from his very first cheap shot, like, successful one — I mean, just imagine if I just randomly took off on a person that’s completely unaware of a fight ahead of me. Like, if you just walk up, straight up to some stranger and tell him to put his hands behind his back, and then you do that — what do y’all think of that, honestly? Genuinely tell about what y’all think about somebody provoking you nonstop on TV in front of a live audience and millions watching afterwards. What would you think? What would you do?

I’m genuinely curious [for] some feedback because I feel like it was so, so disgusting on another level…It’s assumed that it’s gonna be that dramatic hit, I get it. Like, I get that little bit, but don’t start lying about me online just to make it OK for you. That sh*t is terrible!

So I was clearly, like, confused on what even happened, as you can see on what’s already aired. That’s all I can really talk about. That whole in detail scene, that sh*t was disgusting. I mean, to tell somebody to put their hands behind their back, and then you sucker punch him. That is disgusting.

In the Love After Lockup scene in which Kevin knocks Kurtis’s pu**y a** out, Kevin never asks Kurtis to put his hands behind his back. All we are shown is Kurtis putting his hand near Kevin’s head and Kevin telling him not to touch him.

I don’t think it would be too far fetched for Kevin to have told either Kurtis or production (or both) that Kurtis needed to put his hands behind his back or else punches would be thrown. Perhaps Kevin will share more about what he claims happened in a future video.

Kurtis continues to talk about Kevin in his video. “I haven’t heard from him since. I reached out to the kid just askin’, you know, ‘What’s up? What the f*** was that?’ Like, just to hear his input because apparently he’s just, like, stuck in third grade. He’s institutionalized and I don’t even know the guy.”

At the end of the clip, Kurtis remains confident. “Those who know me know that that don’t go down. Not in Arlington.”

Kurtis didn’t address his recent arrest for aggravated assault.

To continue watching Kurtis’s compelling story of having his heart and jaw broken on national television, be sure to tune in for new episodes of Love After Lockup airing Friday nights at 9/8c on WE tv! [NOTE: There is no evidence that Kurtis’s jaw was broken.]

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