Which Life After Lockup Season 4 couples broke up, who is still together?

Life After Lockup Season 4 cast

We previously shared a comprehensive list of all of the Love After Lockup couples who are still together. After sharing the article, we got a lot of questions on social media about the couples currently on Life After Lockup who were not included on the list. So, we’ve put together a list of every Life After Lockup Season 4 couples with a little blurb about the relationship status for each.

Just in case it needs to be stated, there are some HUGE SPOILERS below! Don’t keep scrolling if you don’t want to know the fate of some of the couples featured this season!

Life After Lockup Season 4 spoilers - Which couples aren't still together?


Brittany and Marcelino Santiago are still together. They appear to remain happily married despite all of the crazy story lines presented on the show over the past couple seasons. Are those crazy story lines fake and completely scripted? That certainly seems to be the general consensus among viewers.
This season will see Brittany getting jealous over Marcelino’s flirting with her female friend (and former cellmate) Amanda, whom the couple supposedly had a consensual ménage à trois with on the previous season of Life After Lockup. Can their marriage possibly survive?! It seems so.
UPDATE – Episode 2 featured a couples therapy scene with Marcelino and Brittany that seemed emotional, raw and real. Perhaps their happily ever after is in serious jeopardy after all. Regardless, Brittany posted photos looking quite happy with Marcelino in May — well after filming the season. I think it is safe to assume they are still together.

Category 5 hurricane Destinie is threatening to make landfall at Shawn and Sara’s wedding ceremony, but every indication is that the couple survive the Destinie disaster and are still together.
Unlike Marcelino and Brittany, there doesn’t appear to be a lot of viewer confidence in the possibility of Shawn and Sara’s happily ever after lasting multiple seasons. Only time will tell, right? If they do split up, we’ll be sure to update this post.

Despite having some apparent issues soon after their wedding late last year, Brittany and Ray look to be going strong.

Tayler and Chance surprised a lot of fans by making it this far. The couple is still together and I assume planning a wedding after Chance’s proposal at the end of their season of Love After Lockup. There are rumors that Tayler is currently pregnant, but those rumors have not been confirmed. Stay tuned!

UPDATE – Tayler is indeed pregnant! The pregnancy has put the wedding on hold, but Tayler and Chance appear to still be together.


Unfortunately for Chazz, his fifth marriage seemed headed for divorce just days after he exchanged vows with Branwin. In addition to living thousands of miles apart, Branwin couldn’t get close to Chazz even when he was in the same room. They seemed to have zero chemistry on screen, and Branwin literally broke down in tears at the thought of having sex with Chazz.

The sex snub got worse for Chazz after Branwin reportedly returned to escorting earlier this year. “It does suck, but I’ve known about this for a month,” Chazz said in a DM in response to Branwin’s escorting. “I just had to remain silent,” he continued. “I went out there last week to give her the divorce papers. I’ve had plenty of time to process it.”

Chazz also stated that he is going to try to “get an annulment for this one since she lied to me about continuing escort work.” Branwin later found herself back behind bars, although it wasn’t for prostitution.

The franchise’s first multi-seasonal crossover romance was short lived. It’s unclear exactly how long Daonte and Lindsey were together, but he soon moved on with another woman who is reportedly pregnant with his first child.

It doesn’t appear as though Kevin and Tiffany are still together, but I don’t know how many people believed they were actually together to begin with. Their polyamorous story line seems heavily scripted, especially with the involvement of Kevin’s never-fully-ex-girlfriend Kayla. If they confirm a split or that they are still together on social media, I will move Kevin and Tiffany to the appropriate category.
UPDATE – Tiffany changed her Facebook status to “in a relationship” with a man named Thomas on July 26. We’ve since bumped Kevin and Tiffany to the “split up” category.


Amber and Puppy had a thing in prison, but they haven’t really been an actual couple since their release. As result, there can’t be a question about whether or not they split up or if they are still together. That being said, if they do actually start dating, I will re-file them under “still together.” Meanwhile, Puppy reveals on the show that she is pregnant with Eric’s baby. You can click here for an update on Eric’s divorce from his wife Heather and his pending meth charge.

That should get you all caught up on all the Life After Lockup Season 4 couples! We will continue to monitor all of the various relationship statuses and will try to update this post any time there is a change that impacts the list one way or the other. Meanwhile, watch all of the drama play out on screen with new episodes of Life After Lockup airing Friday nights at 9/8c on WE tv!

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