LIFE AFTER LOCKUP Destinie Folsom is pregnant, is Shawn the dad?

Life After Lockup Destinie is pregnant! Is Shawn the dad?

Could it be that Love After Lockup and Life After Lockup star Shawn Osborne is going to be a dad for the seventh AND eighth time?!

Fans are already aware that Shawn’s latest prison bae Sara Isaacs is (was) pregnant with his seventh child. But, a new Life After Lockup preview clip just released by WE tv confirms online reports that Shawn’s former prison bae, Destinie Folsom, was also recently pregnant! Could Shawny Appleseed be that child’s father as well?

Destinie’s Pregnancy

It was reported a few months ago that Destinie was pregnant again after a Facebook ad was posted on her Facebook page seemingly spilling the tea. The ad was for a truck that was available for purchase in March. Here’s an excerpt from the ad with the pregnancy reveal:

22,000 dollars into it owe 9,000 jus trying to pay off and buy something more suitable and affordable with a baby on the way. Super rare and a hard find not happy about selling but have family needs that are important and need attention.

The ad was signed by someone named Jason, which is the man that Destinie married before going back to prison in November of 2020. I assume this was Jason selling his truck on Destinie’s profile and those were his words, but that doesn’t change that the ad seemingly reveals Destinie was expecting.

According to multiple sources online, Jason later confirmed in the Facebook comments that Destinie was pregnant and that the baby was a boy. I haven’t actually seen screen caps of the comment(s) so I cannot confirm those reports.

The WE tv teaser video seems to hint that Destinie is claiming the baby belongs to Shawn. Destinie is seen driving a vehicle as she says, “It’s revenge time baby.” The video cuts to Shawn and Sara’s wedding.

“I messed up,” Shawn says through tears. I assume he is talking to Sara.

Destinie holds her phone in front of the camera showing a sonogram image. “It’s a baby,” she says. We then see a very pregnant Destinie riding in a car and talking on the phone. “I’m at the E.R. right now, OK?” The video ends with a man that appears to be Shawn in a hospital room wearing scrubs putting his head in his hands.

Here is video of just Shawn and Destinie’s segments:

Is Shawn the Father of Destinie’s Child?

The Life After Lockup teaser video certainly seems to suggest that Shawn is the father of Destinie’s baby, or at least that Destinie is claiming the baby is his. However, I would think that even Shawn could do the basic math required to figure out that the timeline doesn’t add up.

Destinie got married to Jason then went back to prison in November of 2020. She was released in late August of 2021. Destinie and her husband Jason were together up until May of this year.

So, in order for Shawn to have gotten Destinie pregnant, hit would have required him to make a trip to California late last year and have sex with Destinie while she was likely still with her husband. That seems incredibly unlikely. Not because Shawn wouldn’t hook up with Destinie if he could, but because it would have taken time, effort, and money on his part to make a special hook up trip. (His family lives in Nevada.)

Plus, I genuinely do not believe Destinie would ever hook up with Shawn again.

It’s important to note that if the story line is that Destinie is telling Shawn the baby is his, then he had to have had sex with her since she was released from prison in order for him to believe her. Even Shawn is bright enough to know that, right?

In summary, I think it is safe to assume that Destinie’s child is not Shawn’s. However, it is still possible that she will try to convince him otherwise this season. To find out how all of the baby drama plays out, be sure to tune in to Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup when it premieres Friday, July 29 at 9/8c on WE tv!

For those of you too impatient to wait until July 29, here are the first 14 minutes of the episode as part of the Life After Lockup sneak peek video this article is referencing thanks to Daonte:

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