LOVE AFTER LOCKUP New Life After Lockup couples leaked!

New Life After Lockup couples leaked 2022

Love After Lockup wrapped up its sixth season a couple weeks ago. For the first time in a long time, WE tv did not have a new season of the follow-up spin-off Life After Lockup ready to go. As a result, Love After Lockup fans have been left with nothing to watch on Friday nights!

Although we cannot offer hour-long episodes packed with post-incarceration romance drama, we can help tide fans over with a little bit of tea about the next season of Life After Lockup. According to Amber has lots of cast members all up in her DMs and she just shared a YouTube video confirming the seven couples who will be featured!

Here are all of the couples accompanied by a small blurb about what to expect for each. MILD SPOILER ALERT!

Brittany and Marcelino

What would Life After Lockup be without Brittany and Marcelino? On the previous season the Santiagos had a seemingly endless supply of story lines, most all of which didn’t really seem to go anywhere. Hopefully producers will pare down the quantity while focusing on the quality of the couple’s story(s) this season.

Kevin and Tiffany

Viewers may be seeing a Love After Lockup and Seeking Sister Wife crossover with this Season 6 couple. As revealed in the recent finale episode, Kevin and Tiffany are together and looking for another woman to add to their relationship. The two have even been spotted on Tinder looking for a third.

As with many of the Love After Lockup couples, Kevin and Tiffany have some great peripheral characters. Will we see weenie punching bag Kurtis again? And what about Kevin’s crazy ex Kayla? She kinda disappeared from Kevin’s story line on Love After Lockup. Will she be coming back? Perhaps as a potential sister wife?

Life After Lockup Shawn and Sara sex quote

Shawn and Sara

Shawn Appleseed and his seventh child will be returning for another season, along with Shawn’s fiancée (and mother of baby number 7), Sara.

A couple having a child, especially with an additional dramatic baby mama of six, is plenty for producers to work with. However, it’s hard to imagine that they won’t take advantage of the fact that Shawn’s previous prison bae Destine Folsom was released from prison again back in August.

The major issue I see with the return of Destinie are potential travel restrictions for Destine and Sara due to parole. However, Shawn could easily travel to California. Numerous members of the reported Life After Lockup cast were recently in Los Angeles to do promos, so Shawn may have already planned to be there.

Plus, a WE tv camera crew was recently seen filming in California, “about 35 mins from where Destinie lives.” Oh, and there are reports that Destinie is pregnant, too.

Tayler and Chance

Tayler and Chance seemed to be very unlikely to wind up with a happily ever after, but so far so good! I assume we will be seeing some more tension between Chance and his future sister-in-law, Bobbie. There’s also a wedding to plan, as well as Chance’s continuing struggle to stay on the straight and narrow. And who knows? Maybe we’ll see a cameo appearance by Chance’s relative, Brad Pitt!

Amber and Puppy

Vince’s former girlfriend and his adopted daughter are back! WE tv’s Thelma and Louise are only kind of a couple, but viewers seem to enjoy them. I’m not sure what to predict as far as what we will see from Amber and Puppy. I assume it will be more of their relationship drama with men mixed with a splash of drunken bisexual tension.

Love After Lockup Daonte Sierra and Lindsey Downs to be on Life After Lockup

Daonte and Lindsey

Daonte and Lindsey are the first ever couple comprised of cast members from different seasons of Love After Lockup. Fans have known about #Daonséy for a long time now, and it has been known since the very beginning that the duo planned to film for Life After Lockup.

There were some social media posts earlier this year that seemed to suggest that the couple split before they ever really got together, but it’s evident now that the two were together more than long enough to get enough footage for the new season. It’s unknown if Lindsey’s ex Scott is still living in Mississippi. Pretty much every fan wants to see the Daonte and Scott showdown!

Unfortunately, there are numerous reports online that Daonte and Lindsey eventually do break up. On a positive note, Daonte is reportedly in a new relationship that is going very well. Also, Lindsey is working and seemingly staying out of trouble.

Love After Lockup Chazz Branwin and her daughter Arienne the stripper

Chazz and Branwin

Love After Lockup has a rich history of couples lacking in sexual chemistry, which makes sense given that the relationships are formed while one of the participates is incarcerated. Chazz and Branwin are no exception, and it will be curious to see if they are able to overcome that issue and make their marriage work. (Chazz might want to take inspiration from Daonte and consider investing in a Branwin Jr.)

In addition to the sexual chemistry issue, Branwin will also have to decide whether or not she will relocate to Kentucky, leaving her daughter Arienne behind. I think one of the highlights of Love After Lockup Season 6 were the scenes with Chazz, Branwin and Arienne, and I sincerely hope that we get more of that on Life After Lockup! I would honestly watch a spin-off series that was just these three in a U-Haul truck moving Branwin’s things from Portland to Kentucky — with stops in places like Las Vegas.

According to Amber says that the new season of Life After Lockup will premiere later this year. “It’s going to be starting some time around August, September — towards the end of summer, beginning of fall — right after this season of Mama June ends.”

Here’s the full video:

Prior Life After Lockup Cast Leak

There are two couples that were previously reported to be filming for the new season of Life After Lockup, but aren’t included above. Britney and Ray were supposedly coming back, as were Anissa and Jeff. The source for this casting news is very reliable, so I am assuming WE tv started filming with both couples and — for whatever reason — it fell through.

This would also explain why there is a large gap between Love After Lockup and Life After Lockup. Given that producers also have Love During Lockup now, I am sure they wanted to continue tag teaming the shows with no major gaps.

I am very disappointed that Anissa and Jeff won’t be making a return. Their story since last filming sounds CRAZY!


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