LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Kristianna Roth ‘escaped from custody’ this week

Love After Lockup Kristianna Roth escaped from custody

As Love After Lockup fans are well aware, Season 4 inmate Kristianna Roth Miller has a history of running off while either a resident of a halfway house or on work release. It seems the “Bonnie” half of the show’s self-proclaimed “Bonnie and Clyde” is back to her old ways.

According to VINE, Kristianna officially “escaped from custody” earlier today. According to the Iowa Department of Corrections, Kristianna’s parole ended back in April after she was arrested on an outstanding warrant in March. The 38-year-old is currently listed as being on work release with a tentative discharge date of May 12, 2023.

UPDATE – Late Friday night VINE updated the status for Kristianna to “in custody outside the state of Iowa.” I checked nearby states and she is listed as currently being in custody at the Crawford County Jail in Prarie Du Chien, Wisconsin. I do not know the charges.

UPDATE – Kristianna was transferred back to Iowa and she was officially charged with voluntary absence from custody. Click the link for all the latest!.

The tentative discharge date lines up with what Kristianna wrote in a Facebook post last week. “Life has been a struggle but I only have 6 months left on paper and I know I will go so far in life,” Kristianna stated. “Please pray for me and my mental health. Thanks to all [who genuinely] care out there.”

On Tuesday, Kristianna shared another Facebook post revealing that she was having “a rough time:”

Life has its challenges and I have been having a rough time but still maintaining for the most part by the grace of God I swear. How I am doing it is beyond me for real but I just keep striving having a difficult time though UGH!!! Please keep me in your prayers…Thank you.

In case you missed it, John Miller filed for divorce from Kristianna on March 9, just a few weeks before she was arrested on an outstanding warrant after a traffic stop. The divorce was finalized on May 27, and John is already engaged again to another woman.

Kristianna’s Recent Facebook Posts

Kristianna started posting publicly on Facebook again back in early August. Her posts have been mostly positive, but there is an underlying theme of her having a constant struggle. Here is a timeline of most of her posts since her recent return, excluding the two most recent posts quoted above:

AUGUST 4 – 😍🥰😍🥰I have come a long way in my recovery and self-love in life I have faced a lot of challenges to say the least and I would love nothing but to hear from my fans and friends out there in the world. I am in great spirits and I love who I am today!!

AUGUST 6 – I’m loving my life today being who I really want to be and feeling free on the inside is where I want and need to be. I not only have been sober but I have redirected my brain and began to love myself and have self-worth of my ever being. Hey I say if you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything. I encourage people to live by the will of God and believe in yourself. Your so worth this fight in life and we do recover only if you want it!!! I believe in miracles and I love and miss my friends and family so dame much. Shout out to my family, friends and fans!!!

Love After Lockup Kristianna Roth Facebook

AUGUST 8 – I love my family real friends and fans please pray for me and my depression from missing my family and friends Thanks a lot.

AUGUST 9 – Just want to give thanks to a good lady friend of mine for meeting me at the park today to chat and she gave me a bible!! Seriously just what I needed in life right now and to praise God every single day that I wake up…Be grateful and KIND!!! Here’s to another day!!! I love all my family friends and fans. Thanks to all that believe in me and today I believe in myself…

AUGUST 10 – I wrote in my journal today which is a brand new thing for me but it has been a week or so to collect my thoughts…Anyways LIFE IS GREATTTT! I can not complain and I respect life and for what it is worth..I am worthy of God’s love and I accept him in my life…I went to the park today to get away and it was one of the best feelings EVER for my soul right now…I needed this day for a PEACE of mind. I have the ability to stay focused, strong and capable of any mountain I have to climb to get to the top..I know it’s a journey but I am ready to be a blessing in the world instead of feeling like a mistake…I love all of you!!

AUGUST 29 – I apologize for the delay on being on here guys just been living life to the fullest and living the dream let me tell ya lol. I love and cherish my SON and my MOM and my SISSER I love all of you and life today!!!

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