LOVE AFTER LOCKUP John Slater back in jail because of Lacey?

Love After Lockup John Slater 2022 arrest

Love After Lockup’s John Slater is back in jail again in Virginia, and we know about it thanks to Lacey’s estranged husband, Shane Whitlow.

“Let’s take a moment to reflect on the fact a certain someone thought he’d be able to stay in a relationship with another certain someone without getting locked back up,” Shane posted on his Instagram on Sunday. In case there was any doubt who the “someone” is, Shane added the #FreeJohn hash tag. He concluded his post with a laughing emoji and the #SomeNeverLearn hash tag.

Online records confirm that John is currently in the custody of a Virginia Beach jail. The Virginia Beach Sheriff’s Office website lists John’s commitment date as April 18, and his scheduled release date is this Sunday, May 8. His bond status is “unbondable.”

Why was John arrested and jailed again? The VBSO website describes John’s charge as “good behavior – show cause” with an offense date of December 6, 2019. That means that John had a suspended sentence that he was charged with violating.

Virginia court records indicate that an ASAP noncomply/show cause charge was filed in December of 2021. What does ASAP stand for in this context?

ASAP stands for Alcohol Safety Action Program. There are 24 ASAPs located throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. These programs provide probationary oversight to offenders who have been referred from a court, typically for a conviction of driving under the influence (DUI). The Code of Virginia requires that persons convicted of DUI enroll in, and successfully complete, an Alcohol Safety Action Program. (Source:

After being filed in December, the charge against John was continued four times before it was finally heard on April 18. John pleaded not guilty but was found guilty. He was sentenced to 345 days in jail with 305 days suspended and one year of probation. That’s a total of 40 days in jail. Given the fact that John is projected to be released after just 20 days, I am guessing that he previously served 20 days?

Shane replies to comments about John’s arrest

In the comments section of his post announcing John’s arrest, Shane replies to several comments — most of which mention the possibility of Lacey wanting to get back together with Shane. Here are some of the exchanges:
COMMENT: Lmfao she about to call you “babe I’m sorry for sheeting on you and leaving please take me back you know I love you”😂😂😂😂😂
SHANE: 100% accurate 🤣

COMMENT: She running back in 3….2…1….. Please dont let her back.
SHANE: Oh ya she’s already on it 🤣 Never ever goin back. Nothing against either of them in fact I genuinely feel sorry for the dude.

COMMENT: They deserve each other.
SHANE: God bless them.

Meanwhile, Lacey shared a couple Instagram story videos of an empty bedroom on Sunday with this caption spread out over both:

Major set backs often lead to …

Realignment with the right ppl who will come thru 🙏🏼 … repairs starting OVER today

We have updated our inmate recidivism chart for Love After Lockup Season 3 to reflect John’s most recent booking. At the time of this post, John is the only cast member currently incarcerated!

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