Author: Mary Krueger

LOVE IN PARADISE Aryanna and Sherlon update: What’s their status?

90 Day Fiancè: Love in Paradise introduced viewers to Aryanna and Sherlon who met when Aryanna traveled on vacation to Jamaica. Aryanna brought home an unexpected souvenir from her vacation, however, their son Odin. Viewers watched as Aryanna struggled to long distance co-parent with Sherlon and she brings Odin to Jamaica to meet his father for the first time. What is their current status?


LIFE AFTER LOCKUP What’s Kevin’s secret? Why do women fall for him?

Life After Lockup’s Kevin Hale has quite the way with women (or so it seems). Week after week, viewers of Life After Lockup watch him juggle both Tiffany AND Kayla. So far this season, Kevin has argued with Tiffany over panties found in his house that were not hers, and he argued with Kayla over his relationship with Tiffany. But it seems both woman are captured under some sort of “Kevin Spell.” However, both women have recently indicated on social media that the spell may have been broken!