LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Daonte and Lindsey reportedly break up after she was caught kissing her ex

Love After Lockup Daonte and Lindsey break up

The cross-seasonal romance between Love After Lockup stars Daonte Sierra and Lindsey Downs looks to be over before it really even got started.

In case you missed it, Lindsey was back in prison when she reached out to Daonte last year. The two hit it off and started a long-distance relationship. Rumors of the #Daonséy pairing spread online, including reports that the two would be filming for Life After Lockup once Lindsey was released.

Lindsey confirmed the relationship rumors during her video chat appearance on the Love After Lockup: How To Date An Inmate special that aired on New Year’s Eve. Daonte revealed on the special that he planned to move to Mississippi after Lindsey’s release.

In what might have been a bit of a monkey wrench for the couple’s plans, Lindsey was released from prison a couple months early back in January. Judging by Daonte’s posts on social media, he has remained in Virginia. Unfortunately, while the cat was away, the mouse did play.

Lindsey reportedly shared a video on Snapchat in which she was at an event with her ex. The two even kissed in the since-deleted clip. Here is a screen cap from According To Amber:

Love After Lockup Lindsey Downs reportedly kissing ex

(At least it’s a guy this time.)

UPDATE – Once Life After Lockup premiered it became clear that the man Lindsey is kissing is her former drug runner friend Blaine! And this isn’t the only time the two have been seen smooching! Tap here for more #Blandsey PDA!

It is assumed that it was Lindsey’s Snapchat betrayal that resulted in this frustrated post from Daonte:

Daonte and Lindsey break up Instagram post

Daonte also shared the story above on Facebook along with the caption: “And that’s on my mama bro 💯”

According To Amber shared a video about the break up (embedded below) that also included some alleged text messages between Lindsey and Daonte. Here is the conversation:

LINDSEY: I don’t know Daonte I feel like we are both on pause. And I know you’re turning down possible relationships because of me. I just don’t want you to waste your time but I don’t want to be crossed off because we aren’t together. Like I’m not wanting to not be able to call and talk to you.

DAONTE: I see, well maybe we should wait until we talk then and just leave things up in the air for now because right now the whole world knows that I’m with you. I can’t pursue anything potential as long as that’s known and there’s no way I can run back to anybody trying to fix things now because they’ll just feel like a rebound and it’s not fair to them. And I don’t want to cross you off because I still love you. You don’t have to say it back but personally I still love you and you’re the one that I actually want the relationship with but if that’s not gonna be the case at some point then whoever I end up with is probably going to have a problem with you trying to contact me. That’s just being realistic. But I don’t want you out of my life. You really do mean a lot to me and it sucks that we’re falling apart. But idk let’s just cross certain bridges when we get to them and leave it in the air for now I guess. We’ll see what happens when the time comes. But there’s no pressure here I’m not going to bother you constantly but we can talk whenever. We’ll figure it out.

Lindsey deactivated her Instagram account, but it is back again at the time of this article. She has yet to post anything since the report of the split.

It’s unclear if WE tv was filming Daonte and Lindsey during their long distance relationship over the past couple months. Also unclear is whether or not Daonte ever made a trip to Missisippi to visit with Lindsey in person.

We will continue to monitor the story and update if we find out anything more.

Here is the video report from According to Amber:

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