Love After Lockup Lacey is pregnant with Antoine’s baby, plus more updates from a recent interview

Love After Lockup Antoine and Lacey pregnant, due in November

Love After Lockup couple Lacey and Antoine concluded their first run on the show by walking off and refusing to film any more during the season finale Friday night. However, the couple returned for an update at the end of the episode and dropped a HUGE bombshell: Lacey is pregnant with Antoine’s baby!

“Lacey bought a new house,” WE tv revealed in their end-of-season update. “She and Antoine are expecting a baby in 2022.” The update was accompanied by a brief video of 27-year-old dad-to-be Antoine proudly showing off two pregnancy tests, and then an image of 38-year-old Lacey’s sonogram.

UPDATE – IT’S A GIRL! Lacey shared photos from her and Antoine’s gender reveal part on Instagram, revealing that they will be having a baby girl. Here is the gallery:

This will be Lacey’s fifth child. She has two daughters and two sons ranging in age from 10 to 18 years old with her ex-husband. Lacey married her ex-husband in 2008, and they were together for 7 years before that. It’s unclear when they separated, but Lacey shared a joyful anniversary post on social media in March of 2019.

Speaking of Lacey being married, did she and Antoine tie the knot? Does Antoine have a job? Are they still together? The couple did a live interview with YouTubers Kiki and Kibbitz last week, during which they answered all of those questions and more! (Video of the full interview is included at the bottom of this post.)

Are Lacey and Antoine married?

Lacey and Antoine are asked this question during the interview, and I was like Kiki and Kibbitz in that I expected the couple to dodge the question. That was not the case — at all!

“We are not,” Lacey said flatly.

Antoine was a bit more verbose in his response. “We’re not even thinking about no marriage or nothing right now,” he revealed. “My mom’s never been married. I’ve never really thought marriage was like a big deal or nothing like that.”

After the interviewer expressed being surprised they got an answer to the question, she asked if Lacey and Antoine are currently engaged. “We’re not allowed to talk about it,” Lacey laughed. Unfortunately, neither she nor Antoine ever answered the question.

“We live together,” Lacey said, “and that’s just kind of like where we’re at right now.”

Does Antoine have a job?

When asked if he is working, Antoine was once again very direct with his answer. “No, I’m not right now, no.” As Antoine gave his answer, Lacey looked at him, shrugged, and laughed a bit.

Lacey then revealed that Antoine does have a certificate to be a flagger on a road construction crew, and he he had that job for a short while before he went back to prison. She pointed out that Antoine has been in prison most of his adult life, so he doesn’t have much experience at all.

The topic of what Antoine might want to do career-wise later came up.

QUESTION: If you had to choose something that you might aspire to, do you have any sort of hopes and dreams or anything?

ANTOINE: No. I mean, eventually, I don’t know, you know, exactly what kind, but eventually down the road I want to try to open up a business and, like, eventually I want to, yeah, be my own business owner and sh*t like that. but it’s just I don’t really know — I haven’t dialed in exactly what I want, but I mean, that’s eventually a goal later in life, you know what I mean? To do that — open up a business and get it to where, you know, I don’t have to — I don’t want pretty much work to where I’m always, always hurting, you know what I mean? Like paycheck to paycheck…because that’s what happened last time. I wasn’t making enough money, so I got bored and I started selling drugs again.

One thing holding Antoine back is that he can’t drive. “I still don’t have a license yet, but I’m getting there,” he said. Antoine added that he has some “court things just from old stuff” that he needs to clear up first. He then talked a bit about his arrest in March, which was due to an outstanding warrant from prior to his recent incarceration.

Congratulations to Lacey and Antoine! They are certainly a surprise happy ending (so far) based on what viewers saw of their relationship on screen! It will certainly be interesting to see if they can keep going towards a happily ever after — especially once their baby arrives. Perhaps we will get to see that on a new season of Life After Lockup? Stay tuned!

Here’s the Lacey and Antoine video interview posted by Kiki and Kibbitz on May 1, 2022:

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